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Wagon Wheel Annual Bass Contest 2008 Photos

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This space reserved for a photo of 1st Place  winner, Mike McGrath who entered 11.0 total pounds of fish!

Anyone have a 
photo of Mike?
Send it.

ted smith big fish winner.jpg (32960 bytes)
Ted Smiths Lunker! [6.38#]
and 2nd. place finisher - entering 10.86# total
Wagon Wheel 013.jpg (87798 bytes)
Jeff Benham 
3rd. Place finisher
test3 ken brockett.jpg (53216 bytes)
Ken Brockett with his
"Booby" Award 
for smallest entry
[Also awarded an overnight stay at the N. F. Blvd. Holiday Inn!]
Wagon Wheel 001.jpg (109094 bytes)
Weigh master Bob Timm
Wagon Wheel 002.jpg (115787 bytes)
Waiting their turn
Wagon Wheel 003.jpg (103672 bytes)
Cleaning the fish
Nevin Royer
Wagon Wheel 006.jpg (102078 bytes)
Another fish cleaner
I missed the name and we'll call him "Mr. Clean" as he
never left a bone!
Wagon Wheel 004.jpg (114838 bytes)
The big $475.00 bass 
by Ted Smith
Wagon Wheel 007.jpg (115901 bytes)
Are you in here?
Wagon Wheel 009.jpg (124516 bytes)
Or over here?
Wagon Wheel 010.jpg (116555 bytes)
Still another fish cleaner
Steve Drabczyk
Wagon Wheel 011.jpg (102814 bytes)
Going to the scales
Wagon Wheel 012.jpg (115403 bytes)
Out of the bucket into another one
test 2.jpg (56184 bytes)
Ken Brockett receiving his 3rd. place award from 
Robb Timm
Wagon Wheel 015.jpg (112677 bytes)
Still cleaning!
Joe Jellison
Wagon Wheel 016.jpg (105732 bytes)
A patient weigh master
Wagon Wheel 018.jpg (98719 bytes)
Robb Timm - Someone has to do the dirty work
Wagon Wheel 017.jpg (108090 bytes)
Robb gets more dirty work
but he's happy
Wagon Wheel 024.jpg (104797 bytes)
Caught with your hand in the bucket!
Wagon Wheel 026.jpg (109198 bytes)
Weigh 'er up
Wagon Wheel 028.jpg (103969 bytes)
Bucket 'O fish!
Wagon Wheel 031.jpg (109580 bytes)
How about this big cat!
Wagon Wheel 032.jpg (116487 bytes)
Time to eat
Wagon Wheel 033.jpg (120721 bytes)
I see people eating
Wagon Wheel 034.jpg (127431 bytes)
I see the bar
Wagon Wheel 035.jpg (139908 bytes)
I see Ron Hutcheson standing with his hands in his pocket
Wagon Wheel 036.jpg (138009 bytes)
I see our Saturday
barmaid Brandi
Wagon Wheel 037.jpg (100600 bytes)
I see Captain Andy Hastings & Ron Hutcheson
Wagon Wheel 038.jpg (84076 bytes)
I see Captian Joe Augustiniak
Wagon Wheel 040.jpg (96815 bytes)
I see Captain Jim Gordon
Wagon Wheel 041.jpg (87620 bytes)
Oh! I see Kristina!
Wagon Wheel 042.jpg (104692 bytes)
Calling out the door prize numbers
Wagon Wheel 043.jpg (108454 bytes)
Look close and see who is making sure this is done correctly! [Behind the TV]
Wagon Wheel 044.jpg (108043 bytes)
I see Captain 
Andy Hastings again
Wagon Wheel 045.jpg (124729 bytes)
No doubt about it, the food was GREAT!
test 4 brandi.jpg (52981 bytes)
Brandi kept everything moving at the bar
test 8 full bar.jpg (71756 bytes)
As you can see - busy bar This is only partial!
test 7 Kristina.jpg (54183 bytes)
Kristina kept the entry board up to date as well as many other things like helping Robb distribute and manage the awards table
test 11 fish cleaners.jpg (63358 bytes)
And where would we be without these guys?
Steve Drabczyk, Joe Jellison, Nevin Royer
Here's the board!
Wagon Wheel 019.jpg (120147 bytes) Wagon Wheel 030.jpg (122252 bytes) Wagon Wheel 023.jpg (103743 bytes)
We couldn't do it without the help of all our volunteers - Thanks!

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