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Lower Niagara River
A-1 Bait Supply & Outdoors

Fall Walleye Classic 2008

September 20 2008

Walleye Classic Results, Pictures & Story!

Be sure to check out the pictures below!

Compiled by Mark Daul/Outdoors Niagara

The inaugural Lower Niagara River Walleye Classic Sponsored by A-1 Bait Supply & Outdoors Niagara Saturday September 20th. 2008 was a complete success with over 60 motivated fishermen signing up in this Inaugural Fall Classic. Some felt it wouldn’t go because of the timing, but a census of participating fishermen, it was ideal. Granted, fishing was tough but the weather was perfect. There will be another Classic next year and possible expansion on the Summer Bass Classic sponsored by A-1 & Outdoors Niagara. There were 19 fish entered for weigh-in consideration and many others released because our sportsmen-fishermen elected to release them immediately as they knew smaller fish would not make it on the weigh-masters tally sheet. Kudos to those participants that practice Catch & Release. The 19 fish were all iced down and taken home for family fish dinners and there were a few fish given to fellow fishermen and spectators that wanted them. Ooh, fresh walleye dinners!

Only Two fish per fisherman were allowed for entry for the sake of conservation.

Jim Tomasine took home the prize money for the lunker walleye weighing in at 7# 12 oz.

First Place: winner for total weight was the explosive Ron Mrzygut with his total weight of two allowable fish was 12# 3oz. [6# 0oz. & 6# 3oz.]

Second Place: went to Lewiston’s Jamie Brolinski with a total of 10# 15oz.

Third Place: went to Captain Jim Gordon with his two fish weighing in at 10# 15 oz. Identical to Brolinski’s total. However, ties are settled by the judge’s time clock and Brolinski weighed in at 1:45 while Gordon weighed in at 1:56. [11 minutes later.]

Smallest fish award: Jim Tomasine not only won the Lunker Award but he also won the smallest entered at 2 lb. 11 oz. He received a beautiful Niagara River fishing stick & reel donated by A-1 Bait.

The awards party that was held at the Fort Niagara launch ramp area immediately following the weigh-in.

Again, our official weigh master was Richard Fortier and his assistant Tom Jacob, and Fortier’s Dad, retired WW II & Korea war veteran Dick Fortier. [See pictures of all below]

I am extremely proud to be a part of this excitement, including our inaugural and highly successful Bass Classic Tournament held in August. I & Ron Hutcheson will be looking for suggestions and comments about what can be improved for future contests plus suggestions for other fishing activities anyone might like to see.

Thank you to all the outdoor writers for their interest in spreading the word of our contests and all the other outdoor happenings here in Western New York.
[ Will Elliott   /  Bill Hilts Jr.   /   Joe Ognibene]

PLEASE NOTE: Outdoors Niagara is NOT a fishing club as I have been questioned by some several times & some have assumed. It is a website put together in the interest of promoting fishing and other outdoor activities [activities besides roundball] ......... I strongly advise outdoors people to join a local fishing and/or hunting club of some sort because together we can do better in promoting our activities. The Outdoors Niagara website is supported by my many sponsors and my interest in my fellow sportsmen, past, present & future. I am always open for suggestions and input. I am extremely proud to be doing this. Thank You All.

“Be an Outdoors Niagara Booster”   

Mr. Ken Sprenger

Most of you remember Tonawanda News Outdoor Writer Ken Sprenger. [Also Lockport USJ] Sprenger was there Saturday and taking pictures for a new story he is working on about the extinct Blue Pike. That story will be available on this website as soon as it is ready. In the meantime you can go to the Blue Pike pages on this website and there you will find an interesting story and history done by him about the Blue Pike a few years ago.

There is a lot of information on this extinct species on our Blue Pike pages.
It is informational, educational and informative.
This information can be used for school papers/research and essays.

A word about our Official Weigh-Master:
Richard Fortier has been serving as weigh master/judge for many many years now and fishermen respect his honesty and integrity. There is never a question and when Richard decides, Richards word is gold. He has been in charge for years at the NRAA/Roger Toby Memorial Niagara River Winter Steelhead Contest and the main force behind that Contest.

He is on board with the now Annual Niagara Bass Classic that was just completed last August and the just completed Inaugural Lower Niagara River Walleye Classic. Both events were well attended and Richard is an important cog to the success of these events.

All events are open to the public and spectators are invited to attend the weigh-ins at all events. C'mon and enjoy in the celebrations!

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Photos of the 2008 Lower Niagara River Walleye Classic

Photos by Mark Daul

First Place Winner for total weight was Ron Mrzygut
with total weight of 12# 3 oz. [6.0 & 6.3]

Second Place Jamie Brolinski
Total weight of his two fish was 10# 15 oz.

Third Place finisher Captain Jim Gordon holding his two entries
that totaled 10# 15 oz. The guy on the right in this photo
is fishing partner Captain Joe Augustiniak

Jim Tomasine holding his 7# 2 oz.
walleye that took the Cash Bash
Lunker Award.  Tomasine also took the prize for the smallest fish. It weighed in
at 2# 11 oz. giving him a total of 9# 13 oz.

Unnamed fishermen will be named as soon as I decipher who's who

This one went at 4# 15 oz.

Which one plays basketball?

"Dad, this is how it's done"

[L. to R.] Tom Jacob -
Dick Fortier - Richard Fortier

"Score Sheet"

Watching the score sheet

Parts of the entrants

Dave Young preparing his dog

Mike Fox Enjoying the day

Telling how they did it

The big guy is Don Supon

Dr. Ted Merletti &
Capt. Jim Gordon doing
their thing

That's a Pepsi in his hand

Dave Young & Ken Sprenger
Talking about "Blues"

Somebody's got to do it

Ron the dog tester

Janine & Ron doing the dogs

Ron Hutcheson does all the work
[with Janine's help!]

What's for supper?

Richard cleaning dinner

Ken Sprenger doing walleye research

L to R Tom Jacob & Richard Fortier
Weigh masters supreme

Janine holding the prize money

Capt Jim Gordon receiving
his prize money from Ron

Here ya' go Tom!

Ron Mrzygut receiving  first place money

Smallest fish entered award goes to Jim Tomasine [Rod & Reel]

'Atta Boy Captain Jim!

"Hovering around"

Don Supon {L} & Mark Daul

Fish weighed-in
Listed in order of time weighed - ties are broken down to time entered

Angler Time Fish #1 Fish #2 Total
Zach Dubuc 1::00 5.2 3.13 8.15
Ron Mrzygut 1:30 6.0 6.3 12.3            First
Mike Clark 1:32 5.15 3.3 9.2
Jamie Brolinski 1:45 4.2 6.13 10.15      Second
Jim Tomasine 1:46 7.2 2.11 9.13        Lunker
Mike Orzetti 1:54 5.2 5.10 10.17
Tony LaRosa 1:55 4.11   4.11
Jim Gordon 1:56 5.11 5.4 10.15         Third
Dave Barr 1:57 5.4 4.15 10.3
Steve Drab 1.58 4.0 6.2 10.2

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