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Niagara River Walleye Photo                                    Outdoors photo

Fishin' Buddie's

These Fall Walleye were caught in late September by
two of the top Veteran Niagara River  fishermen.
Jerry Pedley [L] and Bob Cindrick both Lewiston residents,
have fished the lower Niagara River since they were kids.
Photo taken at the Lewiston Landing boat launch

They still use the tried and true Yellow Sally
with the three way swivel and drop sinker technique with
a nitecrawler dangling off the hook like they did in the 1940's & '50's

You can only buy these rigs at you local bait and tackle dealers
The Big Marts just don't know what you are talking about.
Make sure you support that "little guy" because if they ever fade out
you won't learn a damn thing about fishing around here.

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See our page on Yellow Sallys and spinners

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