What Is the Best Fishing Lure for Bass

Figuring out what bait to be used by bass anglers can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to this.

In this article, we will give you all the right answers to this very important question the average angler asks.

What experienced anglers are using to be successful in catching bass are bass jigs and plastic worms, to name the most popular ones.

That is the opinion of many seasoned anglers, but there are more than just those two types of bass fishing lures.

Let’s dive in and find out more about what are the best fishing lures when it comes to lures for bass fishing.

Fishing tackle and lures for Bass


Top Most Popular Bass Fishing Lures

While those already mentioned are popular types of baits among bass anglers, there is a list of other bass fishing lures also used.

We will take a closer look at them and see how they are used to make bass fishing a bit easier.

Bass fishing with the right lure the Fisherman catches a fish

Bass Jigs

Let’s start with the most popular fishing lures to catch bass without too much effort, but what is a bass jig?

This hook comes with a weight, the eye, and a rubber skirt attached to it.

They also come with weed guards, making them easy to use in an entire body of water.

There are two main characteristics of bass jigs that will determine where you can use them the most effectively.

These characteristics are the weight and shape of the jig, which will determine whether you can use it in shallow waters or deep water.

There are four basic head designs: finesse, flipping swimming, and football jigs are used in different fishing applications.

One of the most popular jigs for fishing lures to catch bass is the arkie jig with a flatter and border underside.

This type of jig is available in many different configurations and can be used for many different styles of bass fishing.

They are safe to use in any water column and are great for catching bigger bass if that is your goal.

It is also equipped with a weed guard to make it safe to use and can be used all year round.

Unfortunately, it would be best to use them with any trailer, which you must buy separately.

They also have a steep learning curve to use effectively and are quite a slow fishing method.

Many anglers avoid these fishing lures because of the slow fishing, but having them in your tackle box is beneficial.

Rubber Worms

Also known as finesse worms, these bass lures are as popular as the bass jig among the average anglers.

Anglers have used artificial lures for many years, and they are some of the most popular methods to catch fish.

They are made from soft plastic materials to give them that lifelike feel and look to help trigger feeding by fish.

Because of the lifelike actions of these worms, the fish will hold on longer to them so you can secure them.

This lure can be used more effectively with weedless hooks to set up the best and most effective weedless setup or jig.

They can also be used in a wide range of jigs, especially if you want to make a wacky jig for bass catching.

With these features, the worm jig can be used as quite a versatile lure in bass fishing.

This versatile bait comes in three styles: the wacky stick, the ribbon tai, and the finesse.

Setting your jig up with these fishing lures is quite easy by simply impaling the worm’s body with a sharp hook.

Some of the most used worm rigs are the drop shot rig, the wacky jig, the Texas rig, and the Carolina rig.

What is great about this type of lure is that it can be used in areas with heavy cover to catch bass.

So if there is a dense cover, you use it with a weedless rig to lure the fish out and trigger them to feed.

This lure can be used in many fishing methods and is quite easy to use, so they are great for entry-level anglers.

The problem with worms is that they tear easily, but this can be rectified by using an O-ring to attach the hook.

You do not want to go without a wide variety of rubber worms in your tackle box, even if you are a beginner angler.

Spinner Bait

This type of lure is quite simple to fish with and can be used by all levels of anglers, even those with little experience.

This type of bait comes with a metal blade or two that flashes in the water so the fish can see it.

It is quite simple to use by reeling it with a straight retrieve which causes the blade to spin and attract their attention.

This action also causes a vibration in the water, which the bass can feel through their literal line.

Resistance caused by the blades as dragged through the water can increase or decrease the speed the bait travels.

There are three popular blades used with this type of lure: Colorado blades, Indiana blades, and willow blades.

This is a very effective bait and can be used even in murky conditions to catch your fish.

This effective bass lure also comes in various colors and configurations to be used in different conditions.

Crank Baits

This bait is ideal to be used in deeper water and gives you better control over the diving and movements of the bait.

This means that you are not limited to only shallow conditions but can fish at various water depths.

It is also one of the most effective bass baits, especially for wide-mouth bass in different water conditions.

Better control is possible because the lip at the front of the lure creates resistance and causes it to wobble and dive.

The two main factors to consider regarding crankbait are the diving depth and the amount of wobble it can create.

This type of lure works much better with a crankbait rod and will last much longer than other bait types.

Popper Lures

Popper bait is not just effective for bass fishing but also a lot of fun for the angler.

The fun part comes when the bass jumps out of the water to get hold of the lure, which is quite entertaining.

This bait makes splashing and popping sounds when reeled in and causes ripples on the water’s surface.

The main problem with poppers is that the bass can misjudge them and miss the bait when they jump out of the water.

What makes these great is that you can fish with them as fast or as slow as you wish.

Concluding It

The most effective and also the best lures for bass fishing are, as you can see, rubber worms and bass jigs.

But do not leave the other types of lures out.

They are quite handy for effective bass fishing.