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     By WILL ELLIOTT ~  Buffalo News

NOTE: Will Elliott has officially retired from his outdoor reporting. Now he has more time to fish and hunt, shoot, sit back and relax. Best of Luck Will. Enjoy! and THANK YOU!

Will Elliott received three awards during the joint NYSOWA/AGLOW conference
at Niagara Falls Sept. 17-20. The awards are:

• Ice Team Second place for ice-fishing column, Buffalo News, Jan. 28, 2007
• NYS Outdoor Writer Association Humor Category, second place for NY Outdoor News column on hating squirrels.
• Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers third-place award for Page Layout, Buffalo News, Oct. 29, 2006, on gun maintenance and tree care.

Walleye Fishing Clubs - New York Walleye and Southtowns Walleye Associations
See how walleye fans keep these organizations afloat
Great story & brief history of these two clubs HERE


NOTICE: This service is intended for my web site visitors that live outside of the Buffalo-Niagara area and not able to receive the Buffalo News. 
It is a very good report updated weekly.  Thank You Buffalo News!

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NOTE TO WALLEYE FANATICS: [From an earlier Elliott column] "Walleye jiggers work the deeper holes with Gotcha vertical jigging lures at depths of 30-40 feet. Both Hogan's Hut and Happy Hooker Bait & Tackle stock Gotchas right now."

Outdoors Niagara Note: "Gotchas" have been a popular lure for pier, shore & boat fishermen along the Atlantic coast for years and years!

This is a Gotcha Lure or "Got-Cha"




Niagara Falls writer Ognibene retires

After more than 50 years as outdoors writer for the Niagara Gazette, Joe Ognibene, 83, penned his last “Outdoor Scene” column Sunday, Sept. 28.

Begun in 1957, Ognibene’s reports came directly from the many sites Western New York offers for outdoor storytelling. An inveterate outdoors-man, his beat continually has been the woods, fields and waters where hunters, anglers, trappers, shooters and all outdoors enthusiasts participated.

“It’s a good thing there are guys like Bill,” he often said of Bill Hilts Sr., life-long fellow outdoor writer from Niagara County. “He [Hilts] would attend the [club and governmental] meetings and I could get out fishing or hunting,” he would often boast.

Ognibene kept in touch with writers across New York State, but his membership in the New York State Outdoor Writers Association (NYSOWA) was only a brief tenure. His circle of friends and contacts spanned the Long Island, Catskills, Adirondacks, Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions. His reports on issues and field doings kept readers informed and very often sparked interests in taking up activities and in checking out destinations so well chronicled in his columns.

But he took particular pride in his Niagara River Anglers Association (NRAA) membership. He wrote in his final column: “I am quite proud of plunking down $5 to become the first charter member of NRAA when Mark and Joan Daul told me about it. This is the organization that did what many said could not be done, restocking the Niagara River with walleye that many are catching today. Thanks to the late John Long, who donated the rearing ponds. [NRAA’s efforts] became the model for other clubs throughout the state.”

Great Lakes water quality, legalization of the crossbow in New York State, legislative alerts on outdoors-related issues such as rifle-hunting areas, mandatory hunter orange and other concerns often entered his discussions on where the fish are biting, what gear to get and use, how, where and when to hunt and so many other aspects of the outdoor scene.

The recent passing of his wife, Mary, on Jan. 12 this year has left him with what he called “My too-big-of-a house with a lot of memories on west Grand Island.” After knee surgery at Kenmore Mercy Hospital on Monday, he said, “I’m looking forward to heading south and staying with my daughter in Florida.”

His recuperation should take about a month and he plans to go south with hopes of “sending back a few reports on Western New York snowbirders.”

After an appeal to remain alert and to stay active about the “many problems in our outdoor world,” he ended his column: “That’s what I think I’ll miss most, no longer rocking the boat. To all my readers, thank you, it was one helluva ride.”


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