Wilson New York Fish Stocking Spring

The following pictures are to show you how fish stocking is done in the community of Wilson NY

Stocking here is done with the cooperation of the NYS DEC, Town of Wilson & the Village of Wilson, and a lot of credit goes to the community volunteers that work so hard to make this effort a fishing success for Wilson and it's visitors.

This same type of stocking is done along the shores of Lake Ontario and the Niagara River

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The stocking in these pictures are done in early Spring

Always click on picture for enlargement / All photo credits Terry Swann, Wilson NY

co jim power mike wilkinson.JPG (31970 bytes) stock pens at wilson 042408.jpg (31169 bytes) 2008_04210014.JPG (28530 bytes) stock pipe 1.JPG (29033 bytes)
Conservation Officer Jim Powers & DEC Biologist/Coordinator 
Mike Wilkinson [R]
Discussing the plans
Pens waiting to be stocked with Steelhead fingerlings


These fish will be held in these pens and they will imprint on these local waters and the majority will return as adults Closer look at the 
pipe releasing 
There were approx. 
7,500 steelies pen stocked!
stock creek 2.JPG (22463 bytes) stock creek 3.JPG (21632 bytes) stock from bridge.JPG (28701 bytes) mike w stock pipe.JPG (25882 bytes)
Here pipes are being readied for the release of adult steelhead in 12 Mile Creek Not an easy job. Volunteers readying the pipe at 
the bridge
Quite a hill to get down to the water. CO Powers looking on Mike Wilkinson always seems to get his feet wet. Here the pipe needs a 
little guidance and 
Mike is doing that.
stock ceek 4.JPG (38423 bytes)
Close up of the fish 
being flushed out of the 
pipe & into the creek.
The fish being released here were transported from the Altmar NY Fish Hatchery in DEC transport trucks.
Thank you to the DEC Hatchery drivers, you not only transport our fish but are the  eyes and the backbone 
of these projects.
The East branch of 12 mile creek received approximately 10,000 steelies and the 
West branch received approximately 14,000 Four Mile creek was treated to 3,000. These were stocked at the bridge on the Robert Moses Parkway.
Two days after the stocking, at 12 Mile Creek, the fish were noticed in the creek by some anxious people that decided they would net them which is naturally a no-no. They got caught and taken away in police cars. Two or three perpetrators escaped.
Many Thanks to the Wilson Town Board and volunteers for all their help, cooperation 
and interest in projects like these. Kudos from the Fishermen & Outdoors Niagara

Wilson has many fine places to eat and 
sip a few brewskis.

A must stop for fishermen!

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