Wilson N.Y. New Launch Ramp open in June 2010


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Pictures by Mark Daul, Brad Clark and Terry Swann


Google Map of the
New Wilson Launch Ramp

Google satellite photo of Wilson Launch
area on the East branch of 12 mile creek

This launch ramp was started last winter [2009] with money from the revitalization settlement and completed just in time for the 2010 fishing/boating season. This was all under the guidance of the Town of Wilson and Councilman Brad Clark. It is located on the West branch of 12 Mile Creek and is mainly designed for smaller boats [12-16ft.] Maybe you could squeeze an 18 ft boat in there but by all means, for ALL boats the water is shallow and tricky in spots. As you can see in the satellite picture above, you can pick out the channels. If you launch here and go North [towards the lake] there is a channel there that is dredged once a year courtesy of the Town of Wilson. Make sure you stay in the channel, you are on your own. If you go South into the creek, again pay attention to the channel, it is only navigable for so far and electric motors are advised. Great good size bass and northern fishing up in there and Spring time crappies are the best and biggest you will see around here according to knowledgeable local fisherman Ed Mort.

PARKING: Parking is at the top of the hill in the gated area directly across the road from the launch entrance. Easy.
COST: Free - Use at your own risk and use caution for low water periods.


If you are coming from the WEST down
Lake Road toward Wilson NY you will see the bridge
in front of you. Turn left on Riverview Drive before
the bridge like you see in photo on the right
If coming from the East on Lake Road, cross the bridge
and immediately turn right.

This is BEFORE all the work.
[This is what we started with}

Here is the start and what
it looked like last winter.

Another view

Creek and Lake in wintertime
[January 18 2010]

Here's the concrete pour!

Everything has to be just right.

Cutting the grooves so you don't slip

Winter work

Floating Dock Finished!

A happy boater!!!

This is the things you don't look at!

Intricate important things!



Here is my boat at the new referbed launch. As you can see
Getting in and out of the boat is a cinch because of the floating dock.
The dock is set at just the right height for old guys. Ha!

Watch out for the shallow water. I didn't encounter any rocks and
the water at the mouth to the lake was between 3.5 and 5ft.
It stayed shallow for quite a ways off shore but go to
the right and it deepens sooner.

Trying to go up the creek is a bummer this
time of year with all the vegetation. Don't try it.
Notice the growth right behind the boat in the picture

Easy launch
Great launch angle
Easy in and out of boat
Close to lake
Stay in channel to lake
Don't travel creek in summer
SMALL boats only 12-16 ft. Maybe some 18ft.
Park in above lot ONLY
Thank Town of Wilson NY
Here is how nice and
easy to get in and
out of your boat.
You don't need
a stepladder here!

More pictures to follow soon! [I have more but just no time to get them up right now!]

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