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Proposed by the New York Power Authority are 166 of these 425 foot tall things built somewhere off the shores of Lake Erie and/or Lake Ontario. The Lake Ontario proposal is to build about 2.3 miles off shore in water not to exceed 150 feet deep between the Niagara River and Wilson N.Y. Anything over 150 ft. admittedly, will price these projects through the roof. Let's see, 166 'mills and a 1.5 BILLION Dollar cost. You and I know nothing comes in an estimated cost. [The 1.5 billion dollar figure is a published cost figure]

Please be sure to read the article that appeared in the Dunkirk Observer ~ AND Rich Davenport's letter to N.Y.S. Senator M. Ranzenhofer

A film about people that got brainwashed, some that didn't
and the results of what happened to their community
It's "Greed Power-Not Green Power"

This a trailer of a wind power [Windfall] movie coming out in February 2012



Toronto Wind Action, Great Lakes Wind Truth, Canada                                                             Date: February 13, 2011
RE: Province Announces No Offshore Turbines “for now”


Sherri Lange, Founding Director of Toronto Wind Action and Executive Director, Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth, today expressed her group’s excitement about the turnaround decision by the Province to halt offshore turbine development. The potential dangers posed by wind turbines are finally being recognized and she praised the Province for listening and indicating that full scientific studies would be conducted first.

But while this represents a reprieve for communities across the Canadian side of the Great Lakes, “We have studies in hand that attest to the evidence that huge industrial turbines are horrifically expensive, subsidized out of hydro customers’ pockets to a multiple of four times, and create environmental havoc,” Lange said.  “In short, they don’t belong anywhere.”

This grass roots resistance to industrial wind turbines is international. On the other side of Lake Ontario, NY State residents are fighting the GLOW (Great Lakes Offshore Wind) project of 166 offshore turbines proposed by NYPA (New York Power Authority).  Whether turbines are on either side of the Lake, Lange said, we will all suffer.  Lange and Tom Marks of NY State have co-founded Great Lakes Wind Truth, a bilateral watchdog organization that aims to prevent any industrialization of the Great Lakes.  

Lange remarked that the official announcement indicates no offshore turbines “for now” and the fact that the Province wishes to wait for the US shores of Lake Erie to be the “experimental canary” offshore, do not mesh with the permanent moratorium that residents hope for.  “If turbines are premature on the Canadian side, why not contact Erie legislators, and share with them the task of doing the studies; environmental studies, including migration studies that are independent and transparent?” she asked.  Where are the sound and noise propagation studies there, the aquatic studies, the health studies? Dr. Lu Lombardi is a well –known sound researcher and family physician in the Toronto Bluffs, who has spent thousands of hours examining all the available data and studies on sound and turbines, and their effects over water.  Dr Lombardi has estimated that 60 miles off shore might be safe for human cohabitation with turbines.  It’s only 34 kilometres (51 miles) across the widest part of Lake Ontario. Therefore, any turbine installation in the Lakes on the US side of the Great Lakes will affect Ontario as well. 

Lange also commented on the recent ABC (American Bird Conservancy) announcement that with the proliferation of turbines “millions” of birds and bats are dying.  She added that an eagle expert from Spain, Mark Duchamp, has more deeply researched the inadequacies of bird mortality studies.  He estimates that with approximately 200,000 wind turbines internationally, there are eight million bird and 16 million bat deaths per year.  “The alarming rate at which bird life is being chopped up, and lost to habitat fragmentation by turbines, is beyond frightening. Please don’t talk house cats and buildings. The numbers and equations don’t even come close. When is the last time you saw a cat with a Golden Eagle in its mouth?”  These developers have a get out of jail free card,” she echoed of Dr. Michael Fry, President of ABC.  “If you or I kill an endangered species, it’s jail time.”

Lange also documented that Ontario is seen as a leader in wind turbine education.  We have a very high number of moratoriums in this province. Councillor Paul Ainslie was very proactive and instrumental in attaining the Moratorium vote at the TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority), the largest Conservation Authority in Ontario.  International groups are watching Ontario and are certainly feeling encouraged by the Province’s announcement today, she said.  

With this announcement, comes the fervent wish that this is only the first step and that rural communities will now benefit from the provincial U-turn on offshore turbines.  It has been documented that people have left their homes, or been bought out by developers, and have recorded unacceptable levels of stress and sleep deprivation, dizziness and a host of other ailments, loss of property values, and community disruption.  This is not news. The Premier was made aware of these for some time now, even in the Legislature, she added.

Lange feels that the off shore announcement will bear more fruit.  “The evidence is accruing internationally, we know the science doesn’t work, we know the environmental standards are not being met, we know that this technology is the worst possible of the so called “renewables.”  What people want is truth, and to know that their lives and health, their economy, and their love of nature is not for sale. The passing of the Green Energy Act by the Provincial Liberals, has forced the creation of grass roots citizens groups to become audible and to organize and provide research which confirms that the Province has moved way too fast with turbine proliferation.  The province’s recent caution with offshore turbines shows that the people are being heard and that people can hope and expect to be heard now in all parts of Ontario,” she said. 

For further information contact:
Sherri Lange
Founding Director of Toronto Wind Action
Executive Director, Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth
Member, Save the Eagles International
Member, Wind Concerns Ontario

[email protected]

Please also contact:

David Grey Eagle Sanford
Environmental Representative for Toronto Wind Action
Aboriginal Environmental Educator and Leader
David Grey Eagle Sanford: 416-909-7045

[email protected]



by Mark Daul Youngstown N.Y.

Wind Farms are the topic of discussions around the Great Lakes for 2010 and will be in 2011 especially around Lakes Erie and Ontario. Of course the snake oil salesmen of these farms are looking at the other Great Lakes too. The snake oil salesmen are the people that manufacture and construct windmills, sell them to Power Authorities who in turn sell the power generated by these so called saviors of the planet to us, the ratepayer and we'll be paying 4 to 5 times more for power.

Of course there is a "Go Green" czar in Washington that thinks windmills will cut emissions from fossil fuels like coal and oil, plus the thinking is we will lessen our dependency on foreign oil when the truth is oil only accounts for 1% of our power production. I attended a meeting of the minds at the Youngstown Yacht Club [YYC] and it was attended by persons that would be directly affected by these lake farms.

I am a Lake Ontario riparian [Lakefront property owner] and am disgusted by this idea of industrializing any of the Great Lakes all in the name of "Go Green" when the bottom line is "Go Money" It's all about money, your money and mine. Our money from Federal Grants, State Grants, and higher costs for rate payers. [4 to 5 times more of what you are paying now.] Of course we have inland people that think these farms are what is needed and they are beautiful but they just don't care to know more about it and refuse to learn more, like 30% and lower efficiency when they decide to work. It is easier to roll over and let someone else worry about it "as long as it's not in MY backyard. They just don't care.

When I look at the overall picture of choosing which lake to impose these farms on, I look at Lake Erie being the most venerable because of it's shallower average depth of 62 feet and a maximum of 210 feet compared to

NYS Power Authority Leader & President, Richard Kessel says, as quoted from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle  "other states like Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin are already moving forward with plans to put wind mills in the Great Lakes." Then he says, "we're too dependant on fossil fuels, and we're hostage to OPEC and that can't be going forward," We're hostage to OPEC? What? Oil? Look in the first paragraph of this article where it says "thinking is we will lessen our dependency on foreign oil when the truth is oil only accounts for 1% of our power production." That is fact. Not from me but published fact. There is a REAL snake oil salesman. Induce fear into his audience. Is it Kessel speaking or is it Kessler speaking?

Here is more from the speech the snake oil salesman told the same audience: "I don't think it's a question of whether or not wind mills are going to be in the Great Lakes." ....... "They are going to be there"......... The question is should New York be first to take advantage of that and all the economic development opportunities that this kind of a project presents, and I think we should be first." ......Yeah, "Go Money." Line the pockets of the special interests regardless of what the people want or think. Jam it down our throats. Economic development can't be very much if the 'mills are made overseas and installed by overseas people, maintained by overseas people and we get to clean up the mess. These people come in, do their job, stay in a motel, eat at Burger King and when the job is over, they are g-o-n-e except maybe a skeleton crew to do maintenance.

Kessel’s right about jobs being created - except they won’t be in New York or even America – they will be offshore! Who gets any money from wind farms on the lake? Nobody except the State. The State has control over what is done in the Lakes, therefore permits need to be paid to the State and all the other things made up out of someone's head, but nothing to a landowner like a land based wind farm such as you see all over the country now days. By the way, a wind farm on a lake cost 4 to 5 times more than a land based farm and a land owner gets paid an X number of dollars during it's lifespan. I was told what a landowner is not told and don't realize, the life span is about 20 years of one of these "fans" and when the usefulness of them is done, the land owner is responsible for its removal.

John Hutchens said at a meeting that on his hunting camp in the Southern Tier he had two windmills put on his property and was told the company would pay his County taxes forever plus a small monthly stipend. He thought, "Oh, great!" When he got his tax bill, sure enough, they paid his County tax BUT his school taxes almost tripled because they raised his assessment.

How about that snake oil salesman? They told him no whomp whomp whomp from the 'mills. Guess what, they are 1/4 mile away and 24 hours a day he has whomp whomp whomp coming right through his cabin walls, PLUS his deer and turkey hunting has changed completely.... Stopped.... They also told Hutch that the unsightly power lines going down the hill would be buried. He was lied to because they weren't buried, the power lines went down the hill on freshly installed power poles that lined his driveway to his camp. "Go Money!"

Like I stated, I live on Lake Ontario and on a still night [or day] I can hear  the ships that are traveling from point A to point B way out in the shipping lanes! I'm scared. Windmills will devalue my property drastically because of the noise, blinking safety lights, my sunrises & sunsets, views, and serenity I have had over so many years. Think about this; my backyard is my front yard, the side the lake is on.

Fishermen, boaters, sail boaters and other lake users should be outraged by what they are being sold with such shenanigans.  

I would like everyone that is reading this to visit the following website/blogspot and get more familiar with this one-and-a-half BILLION dollar escapade, er, robbery GO HERE: http://bewarenywind.blogspot.com/  [BewareNYWind]

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Read on below - Especially the conversation between Rich Davenport and Senator M. Ranzenhofer. When I read the Senators reply when he said "I will continue to look into this matter further"........ I thought, Oh, I can't wait for the matter to be looked into further. Sounds like a lesson from Rich Davenport is sorely needed here!

Subject: Re: Please Oppose NYPA's GLOW

From Senator Ranzenhofer:

Dear Richard:

Thank you for contacting me in response to an email sent to Sharen Trembath regarding the New York Power Authorities’(NYPA) proposed Great Lakes Offshore Wind (GLOW) Project.  I appreciate the additional information you have sent to me regarding expanded wind power generation opportunities in Western New York.  I will continue to look into this matter further.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future regarding this or any other State matter.


State Senator

"Rich Davenport" <[email protected]> wrote:

To: "Senator Mike Ranzenhofer " <[email protected]>

From: "Rich Davenport" <[email protected]>

Date: 11/09/2010 02:31PM

Cc: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, "'THOMAS MARKS'" <[email protected]>

Subject: Please Oppose NYPA's GLOW

Dear Senator Ranzenhofer;

This is Rich Davenport, Secretary of the WNY Environmental Federation and Recording Secretary of the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs.  I’d like to congratulate you on your election-day win!  I attended the SCOPE NY banquet on October 8, 2010 at Lucarelli’s Banquet facility in Lackawanna, and I truly appreciated your words concerning our 2nd Amendment Rights.  As a sportsmen’s advocate, we sure do appreciate having representatives such as yourself, ones who bring reality and facts to the actions needed.  I thank you.

I recently received a message from a Lake Erie Beach Sweep volunteer, Sharen Trembath, concerning your response to an inquiry she made of you regarding the NYPA’s proposed Great Lakes Offshore Wind (GLOW) project, and upon reading your response to her, it became self-evident you may not have good information fueling your position.  Since the Western New York Environmental Federation and the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs are both strongly opposed to this GLOW project, it is my duty to help educate on this issue, so that we can come to sound scientific solutions concerning our energy policies and projects.  You do bring reality and facts to your decision-making process.  This is what is missing in your response to Ms. Trembath, and you really need to know the truth.

You stated in your communication:

“Our focus should be to find safe and clean renewable energy sources that will promote both energy and cost efficiency, all the while reducing our dependency on harmful fossil fuels.  The GLOW Project may assist in accomplishing this, as well as possibly present a great economic opportunity for the People of New York.  With the cost of foreign oil rising and increased demand for clean natural gas, it is important that New York explores the potential for alternate, natural sources of energy.”

Some facts concerning our energy situation in the USA

1 – The United States is energy independent with its electrical power!  We cannot get anymore independent with our electrical energy.

2 – We do not use foreign oil to generate any electricity.  In fact, Mr. Senator, according to the Energy Information Administration (DOE), the USA gets 1% of its electrical energy from “liquid petroleum” sources.  ONLY 1%!  Mr. Senator, the United States EXPORTS more oil than we use to generate electricity!

3 – Primary fossil fuel that is used to generate electricity is coal, a natural resource we have plenty of, and an industry that employs many thousands of American workers.

4 – The United States realizes only 1.4% of our electrical energy from wind, solar and geothermal sources – combined – yet the cost of producing electrical energy from these sources, especially wind energy, is the most costly, least efficient and effective sources we have.

Some facts concerning electrical energy and the industrial grid

1 – In order for the commercial/ industrial electrical grid to deliver energy to our homes and businesses, three critical elements must be met from power generation sources.  Any source of energy must deliver a base load, meet base demand, and be able to accommodate peak demand.  Without any of these, the result is unreliable electrical delivery, which would wreak havoc on our electrical devices, appliances, security systems, computer networks, etc.

2 – In order to efficiently deliver electrical energy to the grid, any power generation source must be able to provide a constant and predictable supply of electricity to the grid.

3 – From an environmental standpoint, power generation facilities must also deliver adequate power from as small a “footprint” as possible (we do not want to say we’re environmentally conscious while we consume vast amounts of lands, encroaching upon our ecosystems unnecessarily.)

Some facts concerning wind energy

1 – Due to the nature of wind, and its inherent variability, wind farms only produce electricity 30% of the time

2 – Wind Energy relies not only on the wind blowing, but the wind speeds have a “sweet spot”.  Too little wind and no energy generated.  Too much wind and supercharged energy is created, which cannot be accepted by the grid

3 – Wind farms will not replace fossil fuel plants, due to the unreliable nature of the wind.

4 – Wind Farms cannot sustain a base load with consistency, as is demanded by the science behind the grid

5 – Wind Farms cannot meet base demand for consumption, as the winds do not blow constant to generate a steady stream of electrons demanded by the science behind the grid

6 – Wind Farms cannot meet peak demand, as we cannot order to the wind to blow “harder” when demand for electricity spikes (like on hot, summer days when everyone is using their A/C units)

7 – Wind Farms require a footprint about 1,000 times larger than a comparable output power plant, with less reliability, placing our ecosystems in greater jeopardy for a much lower return

I am also rather concerned about the statement made here:

“Environmental stewardship is important for our land, our health, our economy, and our children.”

What about the waters?  After all, Mr. Senator, without clean, healthy fresh water, life on Earth would not exist, and we can certainly live without electricity, but not without water.

The Great lakes represent 21% of the world’s surface fresh water resources.  These same Great Lakes make up 90% of the USA’s surface fresh water resources.  We not only drink this water, but bathe in it, launder our clothes, make other beverages, water our crops and livestock, etc.  This is the big picture, and the threat to the physics of the lake when these monstrosities are introduced will have a profound impact upon water currents, oxygen mixing, temperature dispersion and the way vital food chain base organisms like zooplankton and phytoplankton are carried and distributed throughout the lake.  As the balance of life goes in the lake, so does the health of the water!

If economics is the root concern, rather than the waters themselves (literally the waters of life), understand that NYS Zoning and Practice Law Report of March 2010 attached) determined that wind developers create an entity that carries a -163% tax rating, for terrestrial-based wind farms.  In other words, for every dollar they generate, these companies receive $1.63 in tax money, rather than pay into the tax revenue stream!  It has been estimated by NYPA that GLOW could cost over $1 BILLION.  This is at least 3 times higher than a terrestrial wind farm would cost.  So, we get to look forward to giving these “companies” up to $4.92 per dollar they generate out of the taxpayer’s pockets?  All the while risking our most precious resource we have, and jeopardizing billions in economic activity and jobs in the process?

Jobs that are promised will not materialize.  Wind farms demand technical knowledge and expertise, leading wind farm developers to bring in teams to perform the jobs, from construction to monitoring.  Our WNY area will not realize any jobs for the local workforce!  Since we (USA) have never built a “marinized” wind farm, it is most likely these teams will be from other countries.  Is that truly economic benefit for WNY, or even NYS?

While we’re striving for energy independence, something the USA already enjoys with our electrical energy, realize this.  Each one of these wind turbines will contain at least 2 tons (4,000 lbs) of very rare earth metals.  These metals, which contribute mightily to the cost of any wind project, must be sourced from China.  The USA simply does not have the geology for the magnetic minerals needed for construction of wind farms.  So, effectively we would be taking our energy independence on electricity and turning this over to dependence upon rare earth metals from China, and that’s progress?

Mike, I am a conservationist.  The principles of conservation are easily summed up in one sentence:  “The wise use of our [natural] resources as to perpetuate the [natural] resources forever.”  In the face of the above information (I know I have given you a lot, but I have much, much more), how can anyone weigh the idea and find it anything remotely resembling a wise use of our resources – tax resources included.

I can provide you with many sources of independent information and scientific reports.  We need you to be open-minded and do what you always do best.  Examine the facts, examine the realities, rather than the empty promises and deceptive positioning, and the act based on the facts and reality.

The reality is GLOW is a very unwise and bad idea.  Please oppose this nonsense.

Yours in the Great Outdoors,

Rich Davenport
Secretary – WNYEF
Rec. Secretary – ECFSC
Freelance Outdoors Writer – Member NYSOWA

Thank You Rich Davenport!

 Say Good-bye to Lake Sunsets!

Say Good-bye the view of the skyline and beautiful Toronto!

NOTE: Since this article was posted here, things have changed. The project slated for Lake Ontario has been abandoned by the NYPA, at least temporarily, until someone else comes along with another pipe dream. However, Lake Erie is under siege as the big money wants to erect hundreds of these monsters that no body wants, with your tax money through Federal "Green" Grants. Keep tuned and be sure to watch the above short video.

Letters to the editor taken from the Dunkirk Observer and posted on the Outdoors Niagara Outdoors Forum by John Eddy [Lucky Eddy]

Authority driving plan for windmills

September 26, 2010 - By GEORGE BORRELLO, Irving N.Y., Chautauqua County Legislator

As many people in Western New York know, the New York Power Authority is pushing forward with its plan to build 166 gigantic windmill towers in Lake Erie off of our shoreline in Chautauqua County. Currently there are five companies bidding for this project.

Even though bidding has closed and the authority is on its way to picking a developer (or developers), there is still very little solid information on this Great Lakes Offshore Wind project. What little information has been made available is still very concerning to me and to many others.

It also contradicts what some people think are the benefits to this project. Below I have compiled my list of "myths versus facts" from the research I have done so far. The "myths" are the assumptions some people have made about benefits from this offshore windmill project.

MYTH: The offshore windmills in Lake Erie will create cheap electricity for us.

FACT: The cost of producing electricity from offshore wind is more than double that of land-based windmills and far more expensive than other sources of electricity like hydroelectric power. Also, one of the five bid proposals currently before the New York Power Authority calls for NYPA to pay the windmill developer 20 cents per kilowatt hour for the electricity they will generate. Currently NYPA pays about 1 cent per KWH for hydroelectric power. NYPA is going to pay 20 times more for offshore windmill energy than hydroelectric power. This power will be sold on the open market at market prices. The market price for electricity is nowhere near 20 per KWH. Therefore, NYPA will have to absorb the massive losses. That loss will have to be passed along to the taxpayers of New York State at some point.

MYTH: We will receive revenue payments from the windmill developers like communities that have land-based windmill farms.

FACT: Land-based windmills require the developers to directly negotiate with property-owners and local municipalities. For the offshore windmills, the New York State Office of General Services will issue the "underwater land lease" to the developers that NYPA chooses. Therefore any financial benefits will go directly to NYPA and the state government. The windmill developers are under no obligation to give effected areas any compensation.

MYTH: NYPA is mandating that local suppliers be utilized to manufacture the windmill parts.

FACT: NYPA's Request For Proposal states that they will give "points" to bidders who use local suppliers. But nothing is mandated. They cannot promise any local suppliers will be used. Currently none of the windmill projects in New York state use any parts made in New York state. For example, the Steel Winds project in Lackawanna used some parts from Chattanooga, Tenn. But the majority of parts came from foreign countries.

MYTH: We will have an opportunity to vote on whether we want these windmills in Lake Erie.

FACT: The New York Power Authority has the only say in whether this project moves forward and under what terms. There will be no public vote. New York State Legislature will not vote on it either.

MYTH: Boating, fishing, and other lake recreation will not be affected by the windmills in the lake.

FACT: If you go to NYPA's web site they have their own list of myths versus facts on this project. This is one of their topics on the list. They actually contradict themselves in their "fact" explanation when they admit that they have no idea what restrictions will be placed on traveling near or between the windmills. Those restrictions will be left up to federal government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, and the FAA. But with 166 skyscraper-sized windmills in a relatively small space, the government will have no choice but to restrict free access to the lake. Should this project go forward, Lake Erie will likely become the most publicly restricted body of water in the United States. That will have a huge negative impact on our tourism economy.

MYTH: Windmills will eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels.

FACT: While windmills are a source of renewable energy, they must be backed up by reliable sources of electricity like coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power. Windmills cannot stand alone as a source of electricity. The cost to overhaul America's electricity grid will run into the trillions of dollars and take decades to do. There are several U.S. windmill projects that are currently on hold or abandoned because there is not enough capacity to transport the energy into the electrical grid. So converting everything to electricity is a virtual impossibility.

MYTH: The windmills will be so far off shore that you will barely be able to see them.

FACT: I have viewed the map showing proposed areas for placing the windmills from one of the bidders. They will be placed approximately one-and-one-half miles from shore. This is due to the depth of the water. In order to generate the power required, each tower will likely be over 500 feet tall (from the surface of the water.) That's about 50 stories tall. (Taller than any building in Buffalo.) That's also taller than the windmills in Lackawanna, which are currently among the largest in the world.

On a clear day, you can see all the way across the lake to Canada. That's 20 to 30 miles away, depending on where you are. So at only a mile and a half out, these windmills will be very obstructive.

MYTH: There is an electricity shortage in New York state.

FACT: Quite simply, there is no power shortage in New York. Not even in power-hungry New York City. Do not confuse our relatively high electricity rates with supply issues. In fact, despite the abundance of cheap hydroelectric power sources in our area, we still have high electricity rates, even while wholesale electricity prices are at historic lows. As I have said publicly several times, this project is completely unnecessary and will damage our local economy and the ecosystem of Lake Erie. For every myth I have attempted to address above, there are many more that could be listed here.

I am encouraging everyone in our community to please take notice of this project and stand against it. It will hurt our economy and environment far more than it will help.

We should not allow ourselves to be bullied by the New York Power Authority.

George Borrello is an Irving resident and is Chautauqua County legislator

O.D.N. Note: Great Post Eddy........ Borrello sums it up pretty darn good an we do have a problem. All we need to do is follow the money trail. Those living inland could care less about the lakes but just wait until they find out that they will be paying for these gigantic 'mills out of their own pockets too, AND paying the BIG BUCKS like Borrello states. [1 cent KWH now, vs. 20 TIMES MORE!]


From Outdoors Writer Will Elliott ~ Buffalo News

Droz says wind farms are a lot of hot air October 23, 2010

Some area folks involved in conservation and environmental concerns see proposed energy production from offshore turbines as an arrival of ill winds. New York Power Authority (NYPA) officials have put forth a Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project (GLOW), which will generate power from windmills installed in open Great Lakes waters in Western New York.

The GLOW proposal was begun with NYPA issuing a "Request for Proposals to Construct" on Dec. 1, 2009. This proposal offers private companies and contractors the right to submit detailed plans for the construction and operation of these offshore windmills. Facilitators for NYPA make presentations on these project stages and expected outcomes. NYPA, at this stage, is not planning or constructing these devices.

While many individuals and agencies have pointed out the plusses in this program, a number of individuals, outdoors groups, and at least one county legislator have serious doubts about the efficacy and environmental impact a fully operational GLOW project would have on the Great Lakes.

"Right now the focus is mainly on Lake Erie, not so much on Lake Ontario," said Tom Marks, New York director with the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council and an active member of many other area, regional, and national fisheries and conservation groups.

The GLOW program states it would need to install 166 windmills along the Erie shoreline between Buffalo and Barcelona Harbor to be profitable, Marks noted.

When residents along the Chautauqua County shoreline heard of the GLOW proposal, Chautauqua County legislators convened and framed a resolution opposing the proposal, which was passed by a vote of 22 to 2.

George Burillo of Hanover in Chautauqua County was one of a few legislators who attended an informative program Marks coordinated at the Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls on Oct. 15.

Marks invited John Droz Jr., a physicist and environmental activist, to offer a presentation, "Our Energy Future: Determined by Science or Lobbyists?"

Droz asked his audience of about 150 to be open-minded in forming assessments. He stressed using the scientific method, calling Galileo someone who was open-minded and who relied on provable fact rather than group thinking.

Without once mentioning NYPA or GLOW projects throughout his thoughts, Droz noted that at first he tended to support the "wind farm" resource for power production.

After applying a six-stage, scientific analysis of wind production, paralleled with other sources such as coal, gas, and nuclear, he now sees the wind option as impractical and lacking in proof of consistent power output.

Green-oriented environmentalists look to wind as a clean source of energy and a solution to global warming. Droz sees the Global Warming Theory as not scientific and unproven, one that appeals to the public good but remains a hypothesis. And, using data taken mainly from German and Norwegian wind-farm production, he showed that these facilities are not a reliable source of energy. German generators produce a lot of power, but they serve as a predictable source of energy only 30 percent of the time.

"The problem is that wind power cannot ensure peak-load needs. The wind grid cannot provide 'base [average] load,'" he said. On average for all units currently in use, Droz notes that wind farm efficiency is at about 13 percent as a reliable power source.

Carbon dioxide emissions, a large concern of green environmentalists, have not been reduced in European countries that have adopted wind energy. Droz points out that Denmark has the most windmills now in use followed by Germany. Data for the continent show the top CO2-emission sources in Europe are Denmark and Germany so the windmills had no effect, he said.

Droz likens the current methods of selecting new, green power sources as a person seeing transportation. He said, "Think of a person buying 10 cheap cars with hopes one of them will run properly with no consideration of excess repair costs and loss of [transportation] service."

He does not advocate for or fully support any one energy source. As a scientist, he asserts that individuals, companies and governmental agencies must take into consideration total costs, the costs imposed upon taxpayers to fund subsidized proposals and projects, and the many governmental moves to allow power companies from avoiding taxes while developing these programs. Instead, he advocates solving our energy-production needs with critical thinking and applying the scientific method to all proposed options.

Droz, throughout his talk, stressed environmental interests that may not be factored into the science and politics of wind farming. He said, "Science is never arrived at by a vote; there is no such thing as 'consensus science,'" a reference to the unquestioned acceptance of wind-farm production.

After Droz's discussion, Rich Davenport, with the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen and an outdoors writer, expanded on Droz's conservation concerns, citing the recreational fisheries resources that will be negatively affected by open-water structures. Davenport noted both the good fishing and spectacular waterfront views could be negatively impacted by the grid needed to make Lake Erie wind farms effective and profitable.

To view the NYPA GLOW program, go to www.nypa.gov/NYPAwindpower/GreatLakesWind.htm  To see Droz's assessment of wind and other power options, visit www.energypresentation.info

After the presentation, Marks concluded, "Currently, only scattered groups have formed to stop this program. Until we can get legislation in Albany to ban these offshore 'wind farms,' this will be a continuous fight."

For an update on opposition efforts, check with Marks at 997-6919.



"It was an excellent presentation. I was disappointed that no one from the Niagara County legislature showed. What that tells me that they do not really care to try to get any information to help in their decision making. They need both sides and the middle ground. What John Droz presented was science based and was really middle ground. He explained what we need to look for in this energy debate. This bunch (Legislature) has little interest in their constituents, other than their votes. Well when it comes for re-election I will help in this endeavor. All of the Niagara County legislators received repeated emails about the presentation, many received phone calls from me, so they all knew about it. We got one legislator from Erie County to show, Lynn Dixon. What I said about the Niagara County leg. goes for the no-shows from Erie County. We had one legislator from Chautauqua County, George Borrello. He wrote the resolution I lobbied for in Chautauqua County that got passed (22-2).

We had folks representing the wind point of view in the audience. They asked questions and made comments....I expected their presence to be gauging the opposition in WNY... I'll be frank...what they saw was poor attendance. While we had about 150 folks there, many of the vocal opponents to wind... or those supposedly leading opposition against industrial wind in their respective communities did not show. We had almost no one from Niagara County I am certain that the wind people are now convinced they have us beat. Vince Pierleoni was there, Bob Cinelli wasn't. I had hoped that they would have promoted the event in their communities. We had Canadians from as far as Toronto, We had folks from beyond Rochester (Wayne and Monroe Counties), We had folks from the Finger Lakes region, we had folks from Erie Pennsylvania. We had some from Erie County. Southtowns Walleye sent representatives, the Erie County Federation was there....NYS DEC... This fight is a lot about perception. If we don't show, the politicians will figure they have nothing to worry about... it is just a few squeaky wheels, no power.

Several of us after the presentation talked about joining our efforts into a broader coalition. We will be meeting I hope between Oct 23 and Nov. 1st. If not, we will wait until December. I sent an email to Bob Cinelli and Vince about the meeting. It is going to be a small group to start, I hope one or both can be a part of this, we need them. However if they are not motivated enough maybe you can suggest a couple people who may be. This fight to keep industrial wind turbines out of Lake Erie and Ontario is going to last years it will most likely end in court. We need to organize a group that can raise public awareness on the issue, recruit support and membership of citizens and groups into our coalition. We need to take political action getting political support and exposing those who are a roadblock to protecting the Great Lakes. We are going to need to raise money to pay for lawyers and or a lobbyist.

I believe the first of the GLOW wind farms will be in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario is safe for now but it is not safe from future offshore wind farms. We have to be proactive... if we can get legislation passed in Albany to prohibit the industrialization of our Great Lakes we may have a chance to end it once and for all... otherwise it will be a battle that will never end. The only question is do we have the resolve to go the distance? We are going to need a lot of support."
Tom Marks


"Ok. I also attended the meeting, representing the Western New York Environmental Federation. Chuck Godfrey handled the Erie County side of things, I reckon... I also did address the audience, and made it clear that my representation encompassed Erie, Niagara and Chautauqua Counties.

The meeting was very good. But, I hesitate to state or agree with the assessment of "opposition". This meeting was really more of an educational seminar, unbiased (or slightly so - but not biased for or against wind energy, rather biased towards science, not consensus science).

My take was, yes, the attendance was light, but most of the seats in the front of the stage were filled, and every table around me was occupied as well. Hey, I dragged my mother with me, as she is very well connected to Congressman Chris Lee (she works for his father, Patrick Lee).

It is difficult to gauge the attendance of this meeting to be a barometer for opposition to GLOW, or to Wind Energy itself, as this was more science of wind energy, although clearly did illustrate beyond any logical, reasonable argument that wind energy just does not deliver. Still I viewed it as an educational opportunity, not a for or against type of meeting.

My take is pretty simple, we have very few people in this region who want to get informed and get involved.... I believe had this been a meeting on placement of GLOW project, the room would have been filled to the rafters.

Of particular concern, was the very obvious lack of county legislators in attendance. No one from Niagara County???? WOW. Only one from Erie????At least Lynne Dixon is top-notched. Chautauqua County also had one rep there, so kudos to Erie and Chautauqua counties, and shame on Niagara County for not attending an important educational meeting held in your own backyard.

Now it is up to us. We need to get Dr. Droz's information in front of everyone we can. As John said, "Skeptical scrutiny leads to deep thoughts, not deep nonsense." We are dealing with really deep nonsense. It is on each one of us to pass the information along to everyone we can. You all nknow I will do my part.

It was certainly interesting to hear the two wind power proponents - and their obvious employment of cognitive dissonance. The consultant girl - her big picture comment - well I believe I smoked her. She sat on the hillside, while I sit on the mountain. Was very nice to hear Dr. Droz "agreed with everything" I stated when it comes to the threats our waters will be saddled with if GLOW comes to pass. We must educate the ignorant masses.

After the meeting, I headed to the bar for a few beers, and spoke with a few of my friends concerning this seminar. Cognitive dissonance. Had one idiot say we should convert to wind power. I then asked him what if we do, you get your power from the windmills, and the wind doesn't blow? His answer... well, we can focus a giant fan at the blades to make them turn! I asked him how would we power the fan? He said, we would "plug it in". I asked him again how would we power the fan, as power is found when you "plug it in", and if the windmills aren't turning, you have no power! Well, we use a backup. To which I asked if the backup is more reliable than the primary, then why would we choose that primary, and not just make the backup the primary? He looked at me like I had two heads. Seriously....

We have a long, hard road to educate the stupid. But this road we must trod....

Again, I don't know how much of a gauge this meeting was to GLOW opposition. But it sure was a gauge to see how many like to be informed, and how many like to cling to ignorance like Linus clings to his blanket...."

Rich D.

A Posting by John Hutchins Sep 8, 2010 -  Re: WINDMILLS ~ YOU HAD BETTER PAY ATTENTION!

KILL THIS PROJECT and do it now !! I have two of these things on my property in Bliss, NY through the Noble wind energy project. These people lie through their teeth about the effect on the environment and other problems created that didn't exist before. I regret the day I ever let them talk me into it. It has ruined my property.

John Hutchins
Buffalo NY

Another posting by Don Supon Jul 21, 2010 -  Re: Windmills Anyone?

I am opposed!

The NYPA wants to make money through the help of government taxpayer incentives (everyone's taxes). This area already subsidizes the NYPA too much with the property tax relief given to them. This loss of taxes is not equal to the payments they do make, and we have to pay the difference. The "green power" they produce does not benefit this area through low electric rates. We should be paying some of the cheapest electric rates in the country, but are far from that!

This con-job asks us to sacrifice our lifestyles and our joys to benefit other communities (commendable action but NYPA and others will make tons of money from it). They need to provide this area with a HUMONGOUS incentive before sacrificing so much. Do all of us live the lifestyle of the "Escarpment"? We've sacrificed enough already! Unlimited FREE ELECTRICITY would not compensate us enough to offset the losses we will incur. I see no "gain" as a result of this proposal, not even a break-even. We are a generous people in this area and take care of those in need, but are we to help the rich get richer, the powerful more powerful, the electric deprived of other areas see their wants met (why don't they just move here-the source-and have their needs granted), the lessening of greenhouse emissions for the world benefit (won't happen because stand-bys need to keep running for low wind times), heck-we could also give the Lake Ontario water to the southern states who are "too dry" for their needs and wants.

If you have struggled your whole life to get to where you are now and are willing to GIVE some more, then you should endorse this proposal. If all profits benefited this area ALONE, we MIGHT risk considering it.


Oswego, NY - A French government-owned company is acquiring 100 percent of the development rights for a potential third nuclear plant at Nine Mile Point station in Oswego County.

Electricite de France SA, or EDF, a utility 85 percent owned by the French government, this week announced it would buy out Constellation Energy Group’s 50 percent interest in nuclear development company Unistar.

Prior to the $140 million buyout, EDF had owned half of Unistar, a company formed in 2005 to build new nuclear plants.

Unistar’s first new reactor is planned at Calvert Cliffs nuclear station in Maryland, but Constellation this month backed out of the project after failing to reach an agreement with the Obama administration over the terms of a federal loan guarantee. EDF wants to go forward, so it will buy out Constellation’s interest.

In addition to the Calvert Cliffs project, Unistar had taken preliminary steps to seek approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a third reactor at Nine Mile Point nuclear station in Scriba. Unistar suspended its NRC application last December after the project was not selected for a federal loan guarantee.

Separate from its ownership of Unistar, EDF owns 49.99 percent of Constellation’s five operating nuclear reactors, including the two reactors at Nine Mile Point and the R.E. Ginna plant near Rochester. That relationship has not changed.

To develop new nuclear plants, Unistar would have to find a U.S. partner. Federal law prohibits foreign companies from owning a “controlling interest” in U.S. nuclear plants.

Officials at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission had little to say Wednesday about the Unistar deal.

“We’ll review any proposed changes to ensure they meet applicable NRC requirements,” said Neil Sheehan, speaking for the NRC.

The above photo is by Aerial view looking north towards Lake Ontario of the nuclear power plants at Nine Mile Point near Oswego.

From an earlier Bill Hilts Jr. Outdoors Column ~ Wind Project Receives Opposition
At a private meeting organized by the Youngstown Yacht Club last Monday night, a full room of people representing a wide variety of groups in Western New York took turns outlining reasons for opposing the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project that is currently being discussed for Lakes Erie and Ontario. The meeting produced a long list of negatives for the project proposal, stemming from environmental concerns to access issues. Birds and all types of boats will be affected negatively, as well the aesthetic beauty and historic integrity of the resource. Groups like the Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout Assn., Niagara County Fisheries Advisory Board and the Erie County Fisheries Advisory Board, along with the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council, area yacht clubs and others all had their say in pronouncing that they did not want to see the GLOW Project become a reality. At the end of the session, local county legislators Clyde Burmaster and Dave Godfrey said that they would be submitting a resolution for their next meeting on July 27 to grant the wishes of those in attendance at this particular meeting and set the record straight. It might be a good time to make a public statement.

More to be posted here so be sure to check back and/or add your own thoughts

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