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Western New York Environmental Federation


The Western New York Environmental  Federation
is a loosely formed group of concerned sportsmen that meet 
several times a year for the sole purpose of discussing
upcoming legislation and using that wisdom 
to help guide and inform outdoors people of 
pending legislation before our state and local lawmakers.
The WNYEF serves the 6 WNY Counties


  JANUARY 2004


Location/Date: Gander Mountain, 1 p.m., Sunday, January 18, 2004

ATTENDANCE: DEC - Wildlife, Russ Biss; Fisheries, Paul McKeown, and Lt.
Thomas Scott. CFAB – John Long. County Affiliates:  Erie - Robert Church,
Joe Fischer, Bob Fuller, Chuck Godfrey, Tony and Val Gonnello, Earl
Hochdanner, and Dan Tone; Chautauqua – Leo Cook, Harry Probst (with a right
arm cast); Cattaraugus - Al Commerford, Tom Vanderbosch; Allegany - Derwood
Say; Niagara - Gerald Bennett, Dale Dunkelburger, Mark Richardson, and Greg
Tessman; and Wyoming – John Good. (and a couple names – Jim and Ron – I
couldn't read)

Chairman Gerald Bennett called meeting to order at 1 p.m.

Wildlife (Director Russ Biss): Total deer harvest should be down about 20
percent. Final figures sometime in late Feb. Region 9 survey numbers about
the same as deer checked last season, 3,100 down to 3,000 in 2003.  Great
bear take in the Allegany Region (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chemung and Steuben
Counties: archery, 49; muzzleloader, 6; and shotgun. (95 total). Jerry Farrell
and Don Bronson were chosen to serve on the regional Waterfowl Season Task

Fisheries (Supervisor Paul McKeown): Proposed fishing regulations can be
viewed and input can be given on the DEC Web site. Brown trout stocking will
be reduced by 100,000 throughout the state in 2004. Chautauqua walleyes
down; stocked 75,000 in 2003 and plan to stock 50,000 in 2004 and 2005. Lake
Erie's walleye and yellow perch hatch was great in 2003 lake wide. Sale of
lead sinkers ½-ounce or less will be banned in New York State beginning May
7, 2004.

Lt. Scott – An Orchard Park hunter had taken too many deer when harvesting a
big buck: 11-point, 235-pound, 25-inch spread. Details of this arrest will
be released after prosecution. Current academy has 28 of 35 starters. If all
complete this academy, DEC will be down seven officers statewide. Two
snowmobile fatalities in Region 9 so far this season. Hunter Related
Shooting Incidents in Region 9: No fatalities, 2 serious injuries.

NYS CONSERVATION COUNCIL (Dan Tone) – NYSCC added a part-time office
assistant. The Spring Meeting will be on April 24 at Herkimer College.
Resolutions must be submitted by Feb. 1.

NYSCC Small Game Committee (Dan Tone): An Alaskan snowshoe rabbit rearing
program may generate results helpful for snowshoe stocking in Western New

Waterfowl (Ken Zolnowski): In WNY, 2003 goose hunting was excellent, but
duck numbers were down. Finger Lakes numbers down because of warm December

Bear Task Force (Derwood Say): Two meetings held; no conclusions yet.
Looking for greater hunting opportunities as populations increase.

Hunter Education  (Dale Dunkelburger): Refresher course being set up for
region 9 instructors.

CFAB (John Long): Big game license fees down about one million dollars.
Available money not yet released for seasonal help. We need a Region 9
position on a "Visible Fishing License" bill proposal. Seen as a problem
especially in Regions 5 and 6, this bill might reduce numbers of anglers
fishing without a license.

HONORED GUESTS (NYSCC President Howard Cushing and Legislative Vice
President Wally John. NYSCC will hold its March on Albany on March 16 this
year. We need a schedule of who will see whom during this March. Looking at
opening bear season in Allegany State Park; some opposition from a deputy
commissioner. Finances: budget about $175,000 with shortfall of about
$25,000. Freedom to Fish bill didn't pass. Legislators, including Dick Smith
and Dale Volker among 17, forming a Sportsmen's Caucus as a bipartisan body
to represent sportsmen.

County Affiliate Reports: Allegany, Youth Shoot on Aug. 21; Cattaraugus,
none; Erie, Erie affiliates concerned about the Friends of the Buffalo
River's take on a walleye stocking project; Niagara, Niagara County funding
restored; Wyoming, none; and Chautauqua, none.

Meeting ended at 3:45 p.m.

Next Meeting: Dick's Sporting Goods, McKinley Mall, 1 p.m., Sunday, April

Will Elliott, Secretary


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