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Devils Hole Drift and NYPA Fishing Platform

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1.] The Bar, Green Can, Fort Niagara and Coast Guard Drifts
2.] Jackson and Johnson Drifts
3.] Joseph Davis St. Park, Peggy's Eddy, Lower Stella Drifts
4.] Pine Drift [Canada] and Upper Stella Drift [U.S.]
5.] Queenston Drifts [3] and Artpark Drift
6.] Devils Hole Drift and NYPA Fishing Platform
7.] Best Calendar Times to Fish for Your Species
8.] Upper Niagara River Hotspots and Techniques Map 

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New York and Ontario Power generating plants, Lower Niagara River, U.S. on the right/Canada left.
This picture shows the route coming up the river [from Lewiston Launch] leading to the famous Devil's Hole drift where all species of local fish can be found from shore or boat. In the picture it shows the water flowing from the penstocks and if you are new don't venture these waters unless you have an experienced boater you can follow. There are whirlpools and heavy currents you must navigate to get by the penstocks. This photo was taken from the NYPA observation deck [open to the public for tours] and shows the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge spanning the U.S. and Canada. There are trails along the shoreline that hold some great fishing and it is only for the hardy. Be sure you travel in pairs.

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This is the famous Devil's Hole drift on the left shoreline looking south where shore fishermen and boaters stand an equal chance at the best fishing in the world. If you venture too close to where the rocks and the whitewater is, you could be in deep trouble. On the right shoreline you see an access road along the Canadian gorge and if you look closely you can see a vehicle coming down the road. Where you see the rocks jutting out into the water is the end of your boat ride. DO NOT venture past there and approach them cautiously. Shore fishermen can fish way past there by fishing the eddy's and pockets.   

It is IMPORTANT to know, river rescue in this area is nil, meaning the U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard is forbidden to go up here, or beyond the Lewiston-Queenston bridge as the waters are declared non-navigable water. You are at the mercy of the Jet Boat Tour Boats that travel this far or at the mercy of another fellow fisherman. 

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The New York Power Authority's fishing platform where many Kings are caught. You are advised to bring a long handled big and strong landing net. To get to the platform you must walk down a relatively steep and long road but cars are allowed down there so passengers can be dropped off. No Parking, and only a limited number of handicap spots are available down below. 
Notice the bright red life preservers that are fastened to the railing in the event of an accident. The water if fast here and you could be swept away before anyone is missing you. So if you fall over, grab a life preserver as you go over.

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