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This is a photo of the American Falls and the Falls in the background is the popular Horseshoe Falls in Canada that can be seen on either side of the river. These Falls are the most beautiful pieces of mother nature in the world and is visited by millions of tourists every year and visited year 'round. "The Honeymoon Capital of the World"
Niagara River Fishing Beyond the Falls

By Mark Daul

This is a little brush up of "Fishing Beyond the Falls" - "Beyond the Falls" Is a book written by old friend and Niagara Falls native Lisa Aug in the 1980's. The copy I have says it was copyrighted in 1992 but I can remember Ms. Aug gathereing information for her first attempt at writing a book. Aug was encouraged by former Lewiston councilwoman and environmentalist Joan Gipp. Gipp is one of those people that can relate to many things that happened relating to the Lower Niagara from fishing it to the old days when chemical burial sites were operating along the banks of the river.

Illustrations throughout the book was done by Youngstown native Thomas L. Sullivan, "Sully" is what I know him by.

In the book Lisa did a whole lot of research and did many interviews with many of the prominent Lower Niagara River fishermen. Some that are quoted in the book are deceased now but their words are quoted and in print here in this book. The book is so interesting I thought I would like to share some of it with Outdoors Niagara fans. You can still buy a copy of it at The Book Corner on Main Street, Niagara Falls N.Y. I think my copy was $9.95 and probably still is. It is a real bargain even today. Published by Niagara Books, Roselle Ave. Niagara Falls NY.

You will find things out that you never knew as Lisa has done everything from fishing for the famous and now extinct Blue Pike, to Sturgeon to commercial fishing days, to the early days of walleye fishing, John Long walleye rearing ponds and how they started, early Lower Niagara walleye contests, Gus Korpolinski's Lewiston boat Livery & docks and so much more. Once you start reading, you won't want to put it down. You will find out things like the Lower River Riverboats that sailed in the early 1900's, and people that traveled the Great Gorge Route. Read about the smuggling of booze in rowboats from the Canadian side of the river into the U.S. during prohibition days, and dropped at the Lewiston sand docks. Lisa actually talked to a former smuggler and how it was done.

Lisa Aug quoted the people she interviewed exactly the way they talked, meaning the slang and all. She quoted River Rat Bud Myers of Lewiston NY "The blue pike used to be thicker 'n hell  in the river" or when Youngstown native and another that partially lived off the fishery, Gerry Condren, was quoted "There were so many goddam fish down there, you'd catch 150, 200 a  day" There are a lot more stories and quotes in this book and that is what makes it a fun read. 

Spearing? Oh yeah, That is all covered relating back to the old days when it was legal to spear the pre-historic Sturgeon, the now extinct Blue Pike and Yellow pike [Walleye] Today it is illegal to possess a sturgeon in our local waters and it is advised to release any incidental catches immediately.

                                                                                                                                                                     TO BE CONTINUED!

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and notice the Power Dam outlet in the background on the right hand side also notice the beautiful Fall colors along the Ontario Canada shoreline.
The photo on the left is a picture of a seemingly constructed fishing dock. What do you think? was it man made or was it put there by much mightier forces? Dave Chervinsky sent the photo in to Outdoors Niagara for your ideas. This could be a part of the Great Gorge Route Railway that was opened in 1895 and abandoned in 1935. That explanation was suggested by local Mike Gillis. Sounds logical because some of those rocks are pretty huge to be put there by hand.

Accompanying the photo was this email;

Hi Mark

Here is the picture of the dock (along with my dog Genny) That I inquired about on your web site. As you can see a very pretty area. I'm curious how those big rocks were moved into place and how long it's been there. Thanks for any help you can give.

Dave Chervinsky Grand Island

Foggy morning
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This picture was submitted by email from George Koch of an early morning on the Lower Niagara in mid-November.


I took this pic Friday morning (Nov 12) just below the Artpark drift.
Thought you might enjoy it, maybe use it on your website.


Thanks George! I do enjoy it. Mark


Seneca Niagara Casino
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