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Saturday July 16th 2011
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Saturday July 16 2011

100% payback after expenses and 100% on the
 Cash Bash Pool for largest smallmouth bass.

· Lower Niagara River & Lake Ontario & Tributaries only.

· $25.00 per person includes $5.00 towards Cash Bash Pool for largest bass

· Only 2 fish per entrant allowed  [for conservation]

°     Everyone in boat must be registered

· Scales open only from 1:00 to 2:00 PM  Only - fishing starts at sun-up

· Shore picnic/awards at Lewiston Landing Pavilion to follow. Dogs & pop. ~ B.Y.O.B.

· N.Y.S. Regulations apply [size limits etc.]

· Details & signup at A-1 Bait , Grauer Road N. Falls [870-2170] or on the internet at  [PayPal]


Don't forget the Walleye Classic IV moved to August 13 this year! [2011]

Niagara River Anglers Bass Contest on Saturday July 23rd 2011 GO HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


BIG Bass Classic IV Results ~ July 16 2011

What a day. Weather was perfect and the bass cooperated big time. No one that we know of got skunked, and some of our sportsman fishermen didn’t bring fish to the weigh-in because they knew their catch was out of contention and they were released. This is a two fish limit per person for entry in the interest of conservation making the total weight of two fish scoring honors.

Most fish were caught at the Coast Guard Station drift and at the Bar. Tube jigs and crayfish were the favorite baits of the day. The annual river moss is gone so there was no problem with that fouling up the lines and the bait.

First place winner was Pete Bissell of Lewiston and he landed a near record smallie that weighed in a whopping 6 pounds, 4 ounces. That fish captured the Lunker Award fish of the day too. His total weight of his two allowable fish weighed in at 10 lb. 6 oz. Bissell was using tube jigs. [Picture Attached]

Second place went to Ron Mrzygut, Niagara Falls, with a total weight of his two fish at 9 lb. 4 oz. Mrzygut was a first place winner of both the 2008 & 2009 Bass Classics.

Third place honors went to Mike McGrath, Niagara Falls, with 8 lb. 13 oz.

Pete Bissell with 6 lb. 4 oz. Bass in right hand

The weigh-in and awards were presented at the Lewiston Landing Pavilion. Again Richard Fortier did a masterful job as the head judge with the help of Gerry Biro and the picnic included Sahlens hot dogs cooked up expertly by "Bad Boy" Gerry, Ron Hutcheson’s right hand man and Janine Hutcheson made sure everything was there and in place and everyone got served.” Delma Daul did up the macaroni/tuna salad and the only thing left was the bowl.

Bissell’s big fish missed the NYS record by just 2 pounds. A 6 lb. 4 oz. smallmouth bass is not a common catch in the Lower Niagara River.

We are very appreciative of the Village of Lewiston for opening their arms to us and the sole use of the Landing Pavilion. We also want to thank the Harbor Masters that worked that day for their outstanding hospitality.

We are all looking for next year and it will be held on the same weekend in July.

DON’T FORGET the Walleye Classic IV to be held August 13th. Lower Niagara River only. Weigh-in again at Lewiston. $25.00 entry and the details are on Outdoors Niagara. Simple rules just like the Bass Classic. Save the date and c’mon out and join us.

A-1 Bait Supply and teamed up again to sponsor this Fourth Annual Bass Classic.

BIG Bass Classic III Results ~ August 21 2010

First Place: Jim Korba with a total of his 2 fish weighing in at 9 lb. 8 oz. His biggest 4 lbs. 14 oz. caught at the Niagara Bar. His largest fish also took the lunker award. Jim is with the Venom Lure Team and that is what he caught his fish on, a Green/Pumpkin Venom Tube Jig. His partner did quite well also with the Venom. Website:

Second place: Zach Dubuc [Lewiston] with his total weight of 9 lb. 6 oz. His big bass weighed in at 4 lbs. 12 oz. Zach is an ardent 16 year old fisherman that has entered many local fishing events through the years including salmon fishing derbies and has most always finished up with the winners at his very young age. [I see a local professional coming up here.] Keep your eye on him!

Third place: Mike Heylak [NF] with his total of 2 fish hitting the 9lb. 1oz. mark. His big fish weighed in at 4 lb. 10 oz. Mike was fishing with his fishing buddy John Walzak who entered his 2 fish but they just couldn't make it.

Mike McGrath of Niagara Falls was the winner of the Early Bird drawing which was a $25.00 gift certificate from A-1 Bait Supply.

Bass fishing was great all around and most fished the Bar and Coast Guard drift. Hitting leeches, crabs, worms and the tube jigs.

The count of entries was down this year and with analyzing the reasons, it was decided to move the Classic date back a week or two so it doesn't conflict with the LOC Derby. In brainstorming we mentioned several fishermen that normally enter this event, were fishing for Derby money.

Ron [A-1 Bait] thanked everyone for all the help given. Rich Fortier and Tom Jacobs [Jake] were the weigh masters again and will be for the Walleye Classic III coming up on September 18th.

Ron [A-1 Bait] and I are planning on teaming up in future years as long as we have the fisherman support! Thank You.



2009 Big Bass Classic Photos Here

 Photos by Marc Daul Professional Special Events Photographer


2010 Walleye Classic September 18 - Lower Niagara ONLY

To coincide with the Fall Fish Odyssey
Help spread the word! GO HERE

Results of Big Bass Classic II 2009 Held Saturday August 8

Second Annual Big Bass Classic went on without a hitch! Fishing was great and support was even greater with 70 participants! Thanks to our outdoor writers Bill Hilts Jr., Greater Niagara Newspapers,  & Will Elliott, Buffalo News, for the support and also the Sentinel of the WNY Newspapers Group.

2009 Winners:

Ron Mrzygut of Niagara Falls took first place honors with the total weight of his 2 fish entry of 8 lbs. 6 oz. He also took honors in the Cash Bash for the largest bass entered at 5 lb. 2 oz. Last year Mrzygut also took first place with a total of 7 lbs. 9 oz. but the Cash Bash prize was won by Tom Brown of Ransomville.

Second place went to Brian Hall with a total weight of 7 lbs. 13 oz. Hall also entered a 5 lb. 2 oz. big bass and tied Mryzgut but lost the Cash Bash due to 1 minute time delay at weigh-in. Rules: first fish registerd is declared the winner. Hall was guided by Captain Frank Campbell.

Third place went to Jerry Caughhill from Niagara Falls. His total weight was 7 lb. 6 oz.

Most all fish were caught on live bait such as bass minnows, crayfish and leeches. Most fishing was done at the bar at Fort Niagara.

There were 70 entries surpassing the 62 from the 2008 Classic.

Richard Fortier again directed the weigh-in scales and was the sole judge. Never a hitch. Fortier will also command the weigh-in scale at the Lower River Big Fall Walleye Classic II on September 19 2009. [Sponsored by A-1 Bait and Outdoors]

Many Thanks for all your support!   ...................PICTURES SHORTLY

Results Big Bass Classic Contest Held Saturday August 2 2008

This was our first summer Contest and we are very happy with the turnout and the quality of our fishermen
Congratulations to all and special thanks to Bill Hilts Jr., and Joe Ognibene
of The Greater Niagara Newspapers  and Will Elliott, Buffalo News

The winners of the Big Bass Contest for 2008 sponsored by A-1 Bait & were:

1st.  Place: Ron Myrzgut; 7# 9oz.
2nd. Place: Paul Brown; 7# 4oz.
3rd.  Place: Rich Domin: 7# 3oz.

Weights are of the total weight of just 2 fish that were allowed for entry in the interest of conservation.

Big fish "Cash Bash" winner was Paul Brown with his 4# 8 oz bass entry.

Paul Brown is also entitled to a free fish mount of his bass or a $150.00 gift certificate toward a mount of his choice by Bill Joseph of Natures Way Taxidermy for his 4# 8oz. entry.

Early bird entry winner was Chuck Brolinski who won a nice rod & reel package plus there were many other similar/lesser prize drawings for the "early birds"

·There were 62 entries. [Great for a first year SUMMER contest, and THANKS for your help]

·Waters were Lower Niagara River, Lake Ontario & Tributaries.

·Most fish reported were caught at the Niagara Bar.

·Plenty of 3-plus pound fish entered.

·Contest was open for shore fishermen and all we had was one shore man who entered fish.

·Food and prizes were held at the Lewiston Landing Pavilion.

·* Weigh master was Richard Fortier who done an excellent job and we are grateful.

Pictures & more information on the website.

A-1 Bait & Outdoors Niagara are planning a "Fall Walleye Classic" to coincide with the 32nd Annual Greater Niagara "Fall Classic" Derby - 2008: A Fish Odyssey September 18-28, 2008 Niagara County Derby. The Fall A-1 /Outdoors Niagara one-day Fall Walleye Classic will be on Saturday September 20th and entries in the Fish Odyssey are also eligible to win prizes in the Walleye Classic tournament. Why not fish both and double the fun? Please help spread the word.

The Classic will feature the Lower Niagara & Lake Ontario.

Thank You for all your support from Ron Hutcheson/A-1 Bait & Mark Daul/Outdoors Niagara, We will keep you updated on the Fall Walleye Classic as time approaches.


Held: August 2 2008 Sunrise to 2:00 PM
Scales open from 1:00 to 2:00 Only

Lower Niagara River/Lake Ontario & Tributaries
Sponsored by A-1 Bait and Outdoors


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