A Guide to Limb Line Fishing for Catfish

What Is A Limb Line? A limb line, which is also known legally as a Throwline or Set Line, is a fishing line that you deploy without a rod; instead, the line is attached to a fixed structure; in this case the live limb of a tree. Limb lines get their names because people attach … Read more

How to Catch Flathead Catfish from Shore

There is a lot of arguing online about the type of rod you need to catch flathead catfish from shore. Because of the variation in locations where you will find big flathead catfish, you want a long rod about 10 to 12 feet in length. These are big fish, so you need a rod with … Read more

Ice Fishing Crappie at Night

How Do You Catch Crappie in Ice Fishing at Night? Ice fishing for crappie at night is fairly easy. Crappie is a night-feeding fish, and you will find the best times to fish them is at dusk and again at dawn. The technique to catch crappie at night is to jig for them using silver … Read more

Ice Fishing Walleye at Night

How Do You Catch Walleye in Ice Fishing at Night? Ice fishing for walleye at night is an excellent fishing adventure for two basic reasons. First, walleye see very well at night. The second is that the ice cap on the lake will act as a backlight, so most things in the water will become … Read more

A Guide to Ice Fishing Trout at Night

Do Trout Bite at Night in Ice Fishing? Generally, trout do not bite at night. However, sometimes you get lucky and catch a trout ice fishing at night. For the most part, trout are sight hunters. The best time to ice fish for trout is during the day. Unlike walleye, which have very good night … Read more

Can You Go Ice Fishing at Night?

So, can you go ice fishing at night? It is a common question for those of us who love to fish. The answer is that you can absolutely go ice fishing at night, and you can do so successfully. While many species of fish are active at night, you will have to target those species … Read more

When to Use Braided Fishing Line

Braided line has become the go-to line for most types of fishing. It was designed for use when you fish in heavy cover because its added durability will stand up to small snags and bigger fish who are fighting from cover. Braided line has found its way into almost every type of fishing situation. It … Read more

What Is Shaky Head Fishing?

“Shaky Head” is a style of jig that features a small lead ball that acts as a head for plastic baits designed for finesse fishing. Finesse fishing uses lightweight rigging that act naturally in the water as mimics of real food items for predatory fish. So, Shaky Head fishing is a subset of finesse fishing … Read more

Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod Review

The Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rod demonstrates a dedication to quality tackle with high-performance premium features perfect for freshwater fish. This approach shows itself most prominently in the high-quality components and expensive materials as well as rod blanks that boast tons of sensitivity. To top it all off, Cadence fishing poles provide all of this … Read more

Okuma SST Spinning Rod Review

The Okuma SST spinning rod series meets elite-level performance standards almost irrespective of your preferred style of fishing. With a balance between sensitivity and durability, the SST can be the definitive rod selection for a whole host of different settings from rods for surf fishing to your local fishing spot. With a well-balanced weight distribution … Read more