What Does Pound Test Mean for Fishing Line

When it comes to fishing line, Pound Test means – The amount of weight you can add to the line before it breaks. However, much goes into this definition than is implied. The angle of the fishing line in conjunction with the power of the rod in conjunction with the action of the rod all come … Read more

What Is Good Barometric Pressure for Ice Fishing

Does barometric pressure have an impact on ice fishing success? The short answer is yes taking barometric pressure is important in fishing success. Barometric pressure is divided into three categories: High – Starts at 30.50 and rises – Indicative of clear skies Medium – Ranges from 29.7 – 30.40 – Indicative of fair weather – … Read more

What Is the Best Time to Go Saltwater Fly Fishing

The best times to go saltwater fly-fishing varies based on many factors. Those include: Seasonal Changes – This will vary depending on the species of fish. Some fish migrate and may not be present when you target them. It is important to do a little research on the types of fish that you want to … Read more

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Guide to Small Stream Fly Fishing

Don’t be fooled by the phrase “small stream fly fishing.” You can catch very large fish in small streams, especially if you are fishing in a stream where salmon run. When it comes to fly fishing, it is less about generalized fishing and more about specifically targeting the fish that are available. For that reason, … Read more

What Size Braided Line for Spinning Reel

What Size Braided Line Should I Use? The question may seem silly since fishing rods list the weight of the line they can handle. But, the braided line is new, and it is different from mono or fluorocarbon lines. That difference makes the question very valid. You can add a heavier-pound test braided line to … Read more

How Windy Is Too Windy for Kayak Fishing

Any wind over ten miles-per-hour is too windy for kayaking in general. For fishing, you want to fish from your Kayak when the wind is less than four miles-per-hour. Can you fish when the wind is over four MPH? You could. But a better question is “should you.” You will need to manage your fishing … Read more

How to Release a Fish from a Hook

Whether you’re fishing for your personal haul or just catch-and-release fishing, anglers should understand that the conservation of fish is an important part of being a responsible fisherman. Releasing fish species that are endangered or not of legal size are small acts that can go a long way to preserve the longevity of fishing for … Read more

How to Flip a Jig with a Baitcaster

Most bass anglers out there know the value of a proper entry of your lure for the best results in bass fishing. This is especially the case when you are fishing in shallow cover. You need to have the best entry not to scare the fish away. Flipping is not difficult, but you need to … Read more

How to Tie a Chatterbait

Fishing tackle is every angler’s best friend. Using the correct equipment according to your environment, target species, and varying conditions is often the key to a successful fishing trip. In this article, we’ll focus on chatterbait, one of the most common and effective types of lures for freshwater fishing. If you’re deciding on giving lure … Read more

What Is the Best Fishing Lure for Bass

Figuring out what bait to be used by bass anglers can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to this. In this article, we will give you all the right answers to this very important question the average angler asks. What experienced anglers are using to be successful in catching bass are bass … Read more