How Windy Is Too Windy for Kayak Fishing

Any wind over ten miles-per-hour is too windy for kayaking in general. For fishing, you want to fish from your Kayak when the wind is less than four miles-per-hour. Can you fish when the wind is over four MPH? You could. But a better question is “should you.” You will need to manage your fishing … Read more

How to Install Fishing Rod Holders on Kayak

Adding fishing rod holders are a great way to personalize your kayak. But before you hang your hat on a specific rod holder, there are a few considerations you’re going to want to take into account to ensure that you get the right holder for your terrain. Flush mount holders are generally considered the strongest, … Read more

How to Install Fish Finder on Kayak

For anglers, there is nothing more frustrating than setting up for a day of fishing only to come back empty-handed because the spot they chose was too dense with vegetation or underwater structures. One of the most useful fishing or angling technology items available today that can really up your fishing game is a fish … Read more

How to Rig a Kayak for Fishing

In fishing, a properly rigged kayak is essential to a successful expedition. Fishing is a fun-filled activity, and catching the fish is an even more rewarding experience. However, you must be well prepared to maximize this avenue for fun and enjoyment. Get away from the daily grind. Nature is a great place to have fun, … Read more

What Length Rod For Kayak Fishing

A very important aspect of kayak fishing is the length of the rod you will use for the experience. The length of the rod will determine many things, including the casting distance you can achieve with the best kayak fishing rods. Using the rod from a kayak must be a special fishing rod to make … Read more