What Length Rod For Kayak Fishing

A very important aspect of kayak fishing is the length of the rod you will use for the experience.

The length of the rod will determine many things, including the casting distance you can achieve with the best kayak fishing rods.

Using the rod from a kayak must be a special fishing rod to make it easy to use while sitting down.

Many people prefer slow-action rods, but a faster rod can also be used on a good day of fishing.

If you want to know the perfect length rod for fishing from your kayak, read on to find out the information you need to keep in mind!


Rod Lengths For Fishing On a Kayak

The best size rod to use for fishing from your kayak will be a medium-length rod used for bait casting.

This means the rod should be anything from 6 feet to 8 feet so that you can get a decent casting distance with it.

While rod lengths are available in a wide range of sizes, starting with a 7-foot rod is best.

Shorter rod lengths are ideal for beginners who still need to find a good casting accuracy from the kayak.

Kayak fishing has its benefits over offshore fishing, where you can move closer to the sweet spot where the fish are.

That means you need rods with shorter lengths. After all, you do not need to cast that long because you can move to the fishing spot.

Best Type Rods For Kayak Fishing

In the fishing world, kayak fishing is becoming one of the most popular methods of getting the catch of the day.

You need a rod that will fit perfectly with your fishing style while making it easy to use.

Spinning rods are a great choice for fishing from a kayak because they are combined with a good spinning reel.

Many professional kayak fishermen are avid supporters of a good spinning combo to get the best results when out on the water.

You would also want to find a rod with a shorter handle so it will not entangle in your clothing while casting sitting down.

For a much better grip, you also want to find rods that have cork handles so they will not be slippery.

Some people find it a bit more comfortable to start with a shorter fishing rod with much better control.

You can use a handy two-piece rod that can be easily stored in a small space if not in use.

You can also use fishing blanks successfully from your kayak for a good struggle with the larger fish types at specific action spots.

Benefits Of Kayak Fishing

Kayak anglers find it much easier to catch fish when they get used to this convenient way to find the best fishing spot.

Take a look at this list of benefits of this very affordable way to fish on the water.

  • You can easily travel through shallow water to get to the sweet spots where the fish are the most active.
  • Because of the narrow design of a kayak, you can easily travel through narrow waterways to get to the best fishing areas.
  • A kayak allows you a stealth factor to fish from cover where you are not easily seen from a distance.
  • It is also quiet enough on the kayak so you can listen for fish disturbances on the surface of the water.
  • You will gain that extra distance without the need for a longer rod and need two-handed casting from the shore.
  • Paddling your kayak is a great form of exercise, whether you use your arms or legs for cardio and muscle toning.
  • You can quickly and easily cover a large area of water, even those inaccessible places you can not see from the shore.
  • Most modern kayaks have armchair-comfortable seats so you can relax while waiting for the fish to bite.
  • You also have an option to choose a breathable mesh seat, so you do not get sweaty when angling in warm weather.
  • Most kayaks come with enough storage for food and fluids and freshly-caught fish so you can spend days on the water.

Types Of Kayaks

There are many different kayaks available for those who want to join the ranks of fishing kayakers out there.

For those budget-conscious kayak anglers, there are many basic kayaks out there for a good fishing experience on the water.

If you want to have your hands free for other things, you can get yourself a pedal kayak that can be driven with your legs.

Two basic configurations of kayaks are available, and they are the sit-in kayak and the sit-on-top type of kayak.

Folding and inflatable kayaks are some of the very lightweight and convenient types for the many kayak anglers out there.

Taking a friend or family member with you on a fishing trip has never been easier with the tandem kayak available.

There is the white water kayak that enthusiasts can use for many different types of kayaking, especially river kayaking.

While we all know about fishing kayaks, there are also those that are specially designed to be used for salt-water fishing.

Recreational kayaks are ideal for just riding on the water and getting some exercise while doing so.

Professional kayakers use their kayak for competitions on different types of water.

Kayaks are mostly made from ABS plastics and other composites to make them durable while staying lightweight enough to carry overland.

Some of them are also made from polyethylene, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear in the outdoor’s harsh environments.


This article should help you know what type and size of rod is the best to use with your kayak expeditions on the water.

A little extra information about kayaks can go the distance to get you hooked on kayak fishing for a better experience.