Fenwick HMG Inshore Spinning Rod Review

The Fenwick HMG Inshore Spinning Rod casting lineup is a mid-tier spinning series of inshore rods that employs premium components and high-quality materials. Though similar to other conventional casting rods in the fishing industry, this lightweight spinning rod applies a carbon spiral wrapping technique to the body construction for unparalleled strength. Granted, this inshore spin … Read more

Shimano Zodias Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano Zodias Spinning Rod is a premium rod in an elite series of rods made of industry-leading materials with a wide range of signature technologies. That said, this approach to performance and superb quality don’t come in a budget spinning rod, though seasoned anglers know that aggressive fishes require high-quality gear. However, the previous … Read more

Ugly Stik Carbon Spinning Rod Review

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik carbon series is a lightweight and well-balanced rod known for its legendary toughness, but these carbon rods also sit at a low-tier price range. However, you’re definitely sacrificing some top-end performance from what could’ve easily been modified and sold as higher-end gear at a higher price. That said, is it worth … Read more

Fenwick HMX Spinning Rod Review

The Fenwick HMX spinning rod provides heavy-hitting performance and excellent quality through great carbon thread materials at an angler-friendly price. With quality materials and exceptional features, the body construction of this casting series offers extra strength in terms of durability and increases distance casting. However, without spiral carbon, a heavy power rating, or using oxide … Read more

Daiwa Aird X Spinning Rod Review

The Daiwa AIRD-X Braiding-X Spinning Rod may not quite meet the standards for high-end fishing gear, but it’s still an excellent fishing gear investment at a reasonable price. When you consider that this rod employs a high-quality graphite blank with an included hook keeper, it easily becomes one of the better budget options on the … Read more

Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod appeals to discerning anglers with a blend of strength and high-quality components in a competitive price range. That said, the demands of tournament anglers require plenty of backbone with an emphasis on sensitivity while still allowing mobile anglers a travel-friendly package regardless of their fishing techniques. While this spin casting … Read more

Shimano Sellus Spinning Rod Review

Shimano Sellus spinning rods are a line providing awesome choices recognized coast to coast by anglers looking for budget options without sacrificing Shimano’s entire range of signature technologies. Granted, most of these benefits show up with the rod’s premium components, but multi-species anglers may be asking other questions about gear. With the beginning angler in … Read more

Shimano SLX Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano SLX spinning rod features a somewhat pared-down design given the range of signature technologies introduced by the brand. Thankfully, Shimano’s advanced technologies still find room to shine with the Shimano SLX’s top-notch components for tournament-level performance. On top of that, this rod fits nicely in the mid-tier price range. Of course, a price … Read more

St Croix Avid Spinning Rod Review

St. Croix and Fish USA offer another versatile spinning rod from the angler-favorite Avid X family that provides next-level performance thanks to proprietary technologies and quality components. Whether it’s the premium, high-modulus SCIII carbon graphite blanks or the Kigan Master hook keeper, this quality rod provides a combination of performance and convenience. That said, the … Read more

Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead series of rods is probably one of the better all-around values you can find when looking for an inexpensive option. Even better, this fishing pole also doesn’t make the same kind of missteps you often see from less expensive options, but it still has some of the same limitations. … Read more