I love it, and I want some more of it. Do 'yaw' still get a thrill catching fish, and do 'yaw' lie awake thinking about your unforgettable fun on the memorable Niagara River?

        Sunday's were my ultimate unplanned day for relaxing after work. It was NFL Sunday season for those Sunday afternoons. I could not wait to sit home, and relax in front of the TV watching football with a 6 pack, and a box of chicken wings.

      This day I went to work and it seemed like another chilly day. After work, I decided to go fishing.

      The day turned out very unseasonably warm. There was gentle gust of chilled air blowing with a clear blue sky, and a bright sun that kept you warm. I am pumped to go fishing after a successful workday. The radio came along so I could listen to the Buffalo Bills game. So much for sitting home. I'd rather go fishing. Did you realize, ''a bad days fishing is better than a good days work ''? 

      I grabbed some night crawlers at my father's tackle store where work was. I locked the door to the tackle store to hitch up that boat stationed at home. The thought often crossed my mind, I can bet GOD must have been an angler on the Niagara River at heart, because he put an Iron Cross (in Lewiston N.Y.) as a landmark to identify His spot. The familiar Wagon Wheel landmark marked my favorite spot I was heading to. As I drove away from the house, I immediately tuned the radio to the play by play action for the football game. I realized, I better pull over to ease my mind. Did I remember to connect the trailer LIGHTS? I drove down Center Street  through the Village of Lewiston, where I launched my boat. The Wagon Wheels are very close to the Lewiston Sand Docks where the launch ramp is located.  

       I found my way to the Wagon Wheels. The anchor was dropped in 15 feet of water and the radio tuned on to the game. I sat down to bait my hook and cast away to an ultimate unplanned day.

      You too can have things like this day, if you practice your patience just in "TIME."
With four catches already, in just a half an hour's time, I was pleased. In that half-hour, 
I predicted good days fishing and a win for Buffalo. After the release of the fourth fish, 
I wondered how the fishing was at the other landmarks. Coast Guard Station, Stella Niagara, and Peggy's Eddy are just a few landmark spots. The day marched on without a nibble. Buffalo Bills won on this bad fishing day. A bad day's fishing is still better than a good day's work though.  
Before I let this day end, I captured the vision of Fall on the Niagara River. I was just in time to remember this fall day, because there were what appears to be rain clouds moving in my clear blue skies. When the clouds blocked the warm rays of the sun and it became very cold. When the sun peaked out of the clouds, it was like a bun in the oven. "Toasty warm".
      Since the fishing was slow, my mind slowly drifted away in disbelieve that there was a city above me. I am fishing facing the shore in a very relaxed position, and I couldn't help but notice the beauty in the colors of fall.
      I was sitting on top of the world when the waves came from the other boats that zoomed past me. I could hear the waves hit the side of my boat as I rose with them. Since the fishing halted, I pondered the rest of the day away. I couldn't help notice all the yellow, red, and orange in the leaves of trees, with the sounds of the river current and the seagulls chirping for food as the waters move at a fast swift flow. The day ended with my stomach crying for a .99 cent heart attack at the drive through at McDonalds. I put the boat and things away just in time because it started to rain.  


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