TFO Professional Spinning Rod Review

The TFO Pro-S Series Spinning Rod is for the versatile angler who needs fishing rods that can serve both a bass angler in freshwater or ensure angler success for your inshore fishing experience. This pole provides the ability to perform finesse actions with performance maximizing componentry at a sound price. However, the Temple Fork Outfitters … Read more

Offshore Angler Inshore Extreme Spinning Rod Review

The Bass Pro Shops Offshore Angler Inshore Extreme spinning rods are the saltwater fishing setup made and sold by the aforementioned retail chain. While the parent company specializes in selling fishing tackle, that’s a far different task thanĀ making it. However, the Offshore Angler at least meets many of the industry standards you would expect from … Read more

St Croix Panfish Series Spinning Rod Review

The St. Croix Panfish Series spinning rod models offer superior performance based explicitly on panfish angler feedback. With the use of advanced technology like St. Croix’s fortified resin system and others, the Panfish spinning series affords a high-quality rod with a combination of sensitivity and improved strength at a relatively affordable price. However, a dedicated … Read more

Shimano Talavera Inshore Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano Talavera Inshore spinning rod is a series of performance saltwater rods that provides impressive durability and refined touches that extend beyond simply the product specifications. That said, these spin casting poles still provide plenty of different options to choose from and narrow your specific quarry. However, the Talavera is more of a mid-tier … Read more

Powell Inferno Spinning Rod Review

The Powell Inferno series rods are a solid choice with quality guides that can slip into the freshwater fishing arsenal of any experienced angler. With top-notch performance, the Inferno Series rods offers all-around fishing tools that work for a wide range of lures, including light lures, allowing a spinning reel to perform lure actions as … Read more

St Croix Victory Spinning Rod Review

The St. Croix Victory family comes in an impressive 25 technique-specific models, giving the company a huge, never-before-achieved victory. The St. Croix Victory spin casting models employ high-end componentry from base to tip, providing a blend of power and sensitivity perfect for everything from bank fishing to kayak fishing fun. However, the Victory rod may … Read more

Shimano Sensilite Spinning Rod Review

The Shimano Sensilite Spinning Rod isn’t your standard fishing pole and instead focuses heavily on finesse fishing styles. Granted, there are plenty of other rods that advertise themselves as being designed for finesse techniques, but more often than not, those rods are only incidentally acceptable for that style of fishing. However, the Sensilite matches as … Read more

Shimano Teramar Southeast Spinning Rod Review

Saltwater anglers are always on the lookout for the next high-performance saltwater rods, and Shimano comes through with the Teramar Southeast spin casting rod. This pole’s hybrid blanks afford exceptional power with a system of fantastic guides and an excellent handle in a series of technique-focused options designed to land larger fish. However, when you … Read more

St Croix Bass X Spinning Rod Review

The St. Croix Bass X is a high-quality product that uses premium components to deliver nigh-legendary performance with a wide range of baits. While the BassX Series may not come with all of the proprietary technologies or use the advanced design tooling technology of their flagship models, it still strikes an excellent balance between performance … Read more

Tsunami Carbon Shield II Spinning Rod Review

The Tsunami Carbon Shield II is definitely not what most people would consider one of the “standard models” when talking about a versatile spin casting rod. But that’s because, in a large part, the Tsunami features design choices more suitable for inshore and offshore fishing than it does freshwater fishing products. That said, the Tsunami … Read more