Daiwa Fuego CT Casting Reel Review

As an avid angler, I am a big fan of dedicated rods and reels for specific types of fish.

Of course, that bin of reels and gear seemed good, but after hours on the water did not quite live up to the hype.

The Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is a keeper.

It is light in weight and heavy on performance. Plus, you can order in left-hand or right-hand versions.


Sweetly Priced Amply Equipped

Right off the bat, the price range was an attraction.

It is an affordable powerhouse hidden amid the status quo.

You can find the reel for under $100.

Key features that impress include the 13.2 pounds of drag the Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel can handle upwards of a 50-pound test, making a nice reel for mono, fluorocarbon, or braided lines.

I appreciate thoughtful design, and with a 110-yard capacity for a 40-pound test J-braid, the fishing just gets better.

Feels Like A Bigger Brand

The Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel would be a reel I would comfortably take to Alaska to fish for Grayling simply because it offers a quality that matches a bigger brand.

Alaska is not the place you want a reel to break. The smooth action and 5+1 7.3:1 gear ratio are spot-on for active fishing such as a tournament or deep backwoods spots where you’ve dialed in the right lure and setup.

There is comfort here too. The large 90mm power handle is easy to crank and easy to grip.

There are thoughtful design elements such as cutouts for weight reduction, which is important when you’re fly-out fishing to remote spots or hiking into a spot where it is just you and the fish. Lightweight does not mean poor quality.

In a bush plane, you can only take so much weight, and the Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is one I would recommend.

They have made the Daiwa Fuego CT feel like a compact reel when it is much more substantial without the lead brick feel.

Built to Battle

With grips designed into the handle, your hand easily fits the handle, making line retrieval easy and accurate.

You feel the smooth role of the gears, and the UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag – system is sturdy enough to hold bigger fish.

The Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is built to battle fish.

Whether you are hauling them in hand over fist or working a big bass out of the weeds or around structures, you will not have to worry about the reel slipping or your grip becoming slippery.

These thoughtful design elements become an extension of you, which is just what a good and quality fishing reel should do.

Fish Your Style

The reel works an impressive cycle from casting to retrieval, from Crankbaits to Jerkbaits, live baits, and jigs.

The UTD system works well regardless of where you set the drag.

You could fish all day, from smaller fish like brook trout or cutthroats to bigger fish like fat largemouth, where you need the patience and skill to temp, hook, and retrieve; the Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is versatile enough to see you through all kinds of fishing situation.

Final Impressions

The Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is a gold mine for under $100 in cash.

The quality is impressive, and the price is special.

Take all that extra money you’d spend on a bigger brand name and buy more gear.

The overall impression is that I’d trust this reel in remote situations where a broken reel means fishing is done for the day.