What Is Fizzing a Bass?

Bass fishing is a growing sport and while catching fish is a blast, you sometimes fish in catch-and-release waters were returning fish back to the water means you return them back in good health. When fishing for bass in deep waters, you may experience fish that have barotrauma, which is a condition caused by bringing … Read more

Daiwa Fuego CT Casting Reel Review

As an avid angler, I am a big fan of dedicated rods and reels for specific types of fish. Of course, that bin of reels and gear seemed good, but after hours on the water did not quite live up to the hype. The Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is a keeper. It is light … Read more

What Is Crappie Fizzing?

Fizzing crappie is correcting barotrauma by releasing air from the fish’s swim bladder. The process uses a hollow needle to puncture the swim bladder and allow trapped air to escape through the needle. When Should You Fizz a Crappie? You should fizz crappie anytime signs of barotrauma are present. Barotrauma is a condition that occurs … Read more

How Do You Jig for Walleye Ice Fishing?

The basic steps to jig for walleye in an ice fishing situation require a few things. You need a hole in the ice, an ice fishing rod, bait, lures, or both. Once the hole is drilled and the ice is safe, you drop your line down the hole and into the lake. Jigging is short, … Read more

What Action Rod Is Best for Crankbaits?

Crankbaits lures almost always use a medium-heavy to heavy action fishing rod. If you are fishing in an area with many covers, you want to go with a heavy action rod. You want to go with medium-heavy rod action if you are out in the open waters on a lake, fishing from shore, or near-shore … Read more

What Action Rod for Worm Fishing?

There is a wide variety of fishing rods available for fishing with worms. A worm setup is a single hook line with a fairly light bait – live or soft plastic. Many anglers experienced and new to the sport wonder what action to use when worm fishing. This article covers how to choose the best … Read more

What Action Rod for Ice Fishing Walleye?

Ice fishing is an angling sport that is gaining in popularity – enough so that the market is flooded with ice fishing rods and in every option combination you can imagine. If you are shopping for an ice fishing rod, then you are probably standing in the rod aisle wondering, “what action rod for ice … Read more

How To Cast a Surf Rod

A surf rod is an instrument that is used for fishing. It is used during surf fishing as a piece of equipment to cast a lure or bait as far as is needed into the water to get your target fish from the shore. The length of the surf rod is usually determined by how … Read more

How Long Should a Tippet Be on a Fly Rod

Fly fishing is an angling method that uses an artificial fly cast with a fly rod and a fly line to catch fish. The flies may resemble baitfish, invertebrates, or other organisms. A fly fishing gear setup has a fly rod, reel, line, and flies. Connecting the flies to your line requires a tippet and … Read more

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What Weight Fly Rod for Bass

Fly rods are fishing rods explicitly designed for fly fishing. They look like other fishing rods but there are differences. These differences are why an ordinary fishing rod cannot be used for fly fishing. Fly rods are usually thin and lightweight compared to other fishing rods. They are matched to the line according to their … Read more